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How to pronounce racketeer (audio)


Dictionary definition of racketeer

A person who is involved in illegal or unethical business practices, often as a member of a criminal enterprise.
"The racketeer was arrested and charged with multiple counts of organized crime."

Detailed meaning of racketeer

The term "racket" refers to a fraudulent or illegal business, and a racketeer is someone who participates in such a business. Racketeering typically involves organized criminal activity such as extortion, bribery, money laundering, and other forms of fraud. Racketeers often use threats, intimidation, and violence to further their criminal enterprise, and they often target legitimate businesses in order to extort money or gain control of the market. Racketeering is a serious crime, and those convicted of racketeering can face severe penalties, including long prison sentences and large fines. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law that is often used to prosecute racketeering and other organized crime.

Example sentences containing racketeer

1. The notorious racketeer was finally apprehended by law enforcement.
2. Racketeers thrive in the shadows of the underworld, profiting from illegal ventures.
3. The city was plagued by a group of ruthless racketeers running extortion schemes.
4. The FBI launched an operation to dismantle the racketeer's criminal empire.
5. The racketeer was convicted of money laundering and other illicit activities.
6. Racketeers often engage in organized crime, exploiting vulnerable communities.

History and etymology of racketeer

The noun 'racketeer' has an etymology that can be traced back to English slang and American English. It is believed to have originated in the United States in the early 20th century, during the Prohibition era when organized crime was prevalent. The term 'racketeer' is related to the word 'racket,' which in this context refers to an illegal or unethical business operation, often associated with criminal enterprises. It suggests the idea of engaging in fraudulent or illicit activities to generate profit. 'Racketeer' entered the English language to describe a person who is involved in such illegal or unethical business practices, particularly as a member of a criminal organization. Its etymology reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of language, where slang and colloquial terms can quickly become part of the standard lexicon, especially when associated with significant historical periods and social phenomena like organized crime during Prohibition.

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Further usage examples of racketeer

1. The police have been cracking down on racketeers operating in the area.
2. The racketeer used intimidation to maintain control over his criminal network.
3. The court sentenced the racketeer to a lengthy prison term for his crimes.
4. The testimony of a former associate helped convict the racketeer.
5. The city's residents lived in fear of the racketeer's criminal operations.
6. Racketeers often launder their ill-gotten gains through legitimate businesses.
7. The racketeer's arrest was a significant blow to the criminal organization.
8. A witness came forward to expose the racketeer's illegal activities.
9. The racketeer was known for his involvement in smuggling and fraud.
10. The racketeer's vast wealth was obtained through fraudulent means.
11. The authorities froze the racketeer's assets to prevent further criminal activity.
12. The racketeer's trial drew national attention due to its high-profile nature.
13. The community rallied against the racketeer's attempts to infiltrate their businesses.
14. Racketeers exploit loopholes in the law to carry out their illegal operations.
15. The racketeer faced multiple charges, including racketeering and conspiracy.
16. The racketeer's associates were arrested in a coordinated law enforcement operation.
17. The racketeer's empire extended across state lines, making tracking him challenging.
18. Racketeers often resort to violence to protect their criminal interests.
19. The city celebrated the dismantling of the racketeer's criminal network.

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