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How to pronounce garrulous (audio)

Dictionary definition of garrulous

Talking excessively or at length, often about trivial or unimportant matters.
"The garrulous salesman prattled on all day without making a sale."

Detailed meaning of garrulous

It implies a tendency to talk too much or to speak without thinking. The term comes from the Latin word "garrulus" which means "chatty" or "talkative."

A garrulous person is someone who talks a lot, and is often considered to be a bit of a chatterbox. They may speak at length about subjects that are not of interest to others, and may not be aware of or responsive to the social cues of their conversation partners. They can also be considered to be rambling, or to have a hard time getting to the point.

Being garrulous can be seen as both a positive and a negative trait, depending on the context and the person. It can be seen as a positive trait if the person is an engaging and interesting conversationalist, and can keep the conversation going. However, it can also be seen as a negative trait if the person is perceived as dominating the conversation, and not allowing others to speak. It can also be seen as a sign of poor social skills, and a lack of awareness of the social cues of the people around them.

Example sentences containing garrulous

1. Her garrulous neighbor could chat endlessly about the weather.
2. The garrulous coworker made meetings drag on needlessly.
3. He grew weary of his garrulous seatmate on the long flight.
4. The garrulous salesman tried to sell more than the customer needed.
5. The garrulous aunt shared trivial stories at every family gathering.
6. The teacher struggled to manage the garrulous students.

History and etymology of garrulous

The adjective 'garrulous' has its roots in the Latin word 'garrulus,' which means 'talkative' or 'chattering.' This Latin term is derived from 'garrire,' meaning 'to chatter' or 'to prattle.' Over time, as the Latin language evolved, 'garrulus' was adopted into Middle English as 'garrulous.' The etymology of 'garrulous' reflects its essence – it describes individuals who are prone to excessive and often trivial or meaningless chatter, much like the constant and continuous sound of chatter or prattle.

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Further usage examples of garrulous

1. The garrulous tour guide rambled about insignificant historical details.
2. His garrulous storytelling led to lengthy, meandering narratives.
3. The garrulous guest monopolized the dinner conversation.
4. The garrulous speaker left the audience restless and impatient.
5. She avoided the garrulous relative's endless anecdotes.
6. His garrulous commentary during movies irritated everyone.
7. The garrulous meeting attendees often derailed discussions.
8. The garrulous radio host prattled on about trivial topics.
9. The garrulous interviewee struggled to stay on topic.
10. The garrulous book club member dominated the discussion.
11. The garrulous blogger filled posts with unnecessary details.
12. The garrulous politician's speeches rarely addressed critical issues.
13. The garrulous friend could talk for hours without pause.
14. The garrulous professor's lectures tested students' patience.
15. The garrulous bus driver shared anecdotes during the trip.
16. Her garrulous storytelling delighted the children.
17. The garrulous party guest kept everyone entertained.
18. The garrulous neighbor's gossip spread quickly.
19. The garrulous journalist focused on sensational but trivial stories.



talkative, taciturn, reticent, silent


GRE 8 (Graduate Record Examination), Abundance and Excess, Vexation and Aggravation, Behavior and Conduct, Interaction and Articulation, Conversation and Expression

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