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How to pronounce gawky (audio)

Dictionary definition of gawky

Appearing awkward, clumsy, or ungainly in their physical movements or appearance.
"His gawky posture made him self-conscious in social settings."

Detailed meaning of gawky

When someone is characterized as gawky, it suggests a lack of coordination or finesse, often resulting in an ungraceful and unpolished demeanor. This term is commonly used to describe individuals, especially during adolescence, when growth spurts can lead to temporary awkwardness in terms of proportions and physical abilities. A gawky person might have long limbs that seem out of proportion, leading to a somewhat ungainly gait or awkward posture. While "gawky" may imply physical awkwardness, it can also extend to describe social or behavioral awkwardness, reflecting a sense of self-consciousness and inexperience in certain social situations.

Example sentences containing gawky

1. During adolescence, many teenagers feel gawky as their bodies undergo changes.
2. He looked gawky in the oversized suit, struggling to maintain his composure.
3. The newborn giraffe appeared gawky as it took its first wobbly steps.
4. Her attempt at dancing made her seem gawky, but she didn't care.
5. The puppy's gawky limbs made it endearing as it playfully stumbled around.
6. Despite his gawky appearance, he was surprisingly graceful on the dance floor.

History and etymology of gawky

The adjective 'gawky' likely originated from the Scottish dialect word 'gawk,' which referred to a clumsy or awkward person. 'Gawk' itself may have roots in Scandinavian languages where 'gaukr' meant 'awkward' or 'clumsy.' 'Gawky' entered the English language in the 18th century and is used to describe someone who appears awkward, clumsy, or ungainly in their physical movements or appearance. The etymology of 'gawky' effectively conveys the idea of someone who lacks the grace and finesse typically associated with smooth, coordinated actions. Whether used to describe a gawky teenager going through a growth spurt, a gawky dancer on stage, or a gawky attempt at social interaction, this term underscores a sense of unpolished and uncoordinated behavior.

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Further usage examples of gawky

1. The actor portrayed a gawky character with humor and charm.
2. The old photographs revealed her gawky teenage years with a fond smile.
3. The gawky foal quickly grew into a majestic and graceful horse.
4. The young artist's gawky style captivated art enthusiasts.
5. The gawky teenager struggled to fit in but eventually found his place.
6. The gawky teenager tripped over his own feet while walking.
7. The puppy had a gawky, uncoordinated run as it chased its tail.
8. He felt gawky and out of place among the graceful dancers.
9. The gawky boy struggled to find a comfortable sitting position in the small chair.
10. Her gawky movements drew attention as she tried to navigate the crowded room.
11. The gawky colt stumbled as it attempted to jump over the fence.
12. Despite her gawky appearance, she possessed a gentle and kind demeanor.
13. His gawky attempts at basketball made him the target of teasing from his classmates.
14. The gawky man tried to hide his long limbs in baggy clothing.
15. The gawky child's arms and legs seemed too long for his small body.
16. She felt gawky and self-conscious in the oversized dress she was wearing.
17. The gawky bird flapped its wings awkwardly as it tried to take flight.
18. His gawky movements made it difficult for him to excel in sports.
19. The gawky giraffe stretched its neck to reach the leaves on the tall tree.
20. Her gawky gait made her stand out in the crowd of confident walkers.
21. The gawky teenager blushed as he knocked over a display in the store.
22. Despite her gawky appearance, she had a natural grace and poise on stage.
23. The gawky pup tripped over its own paws while playing fetch.
24. His gawky dance moves elicited both laughter and admiration from the audience.



awkward, graceful, coordinated, elegant


Beauty and Appearance, Fashion and Flamboyance, Clothing and Appearance

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