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How to pronounce maladroit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of maladroit

Clumsy, awkward, or lacking in skill and dexterity, particularly in performing tasks that require coordination or finesse.
"The students' maladroit attempts at the experiment resulted in failure."


Detailed meaning of maladroit

When a person is described as maladroit, it suggests that they often make mistakes, have difficulty handling delicate situations, or struggle to execute actions with precision and ease. This term is commonly applied to individuals who may be well-intentioned but tend to create problems or mishaps due to their ineptness or lack of coordination. "Maladroit" conveys a sense of clumsiness and a tendency to create awkward or uncomfortable situations, often unintentionally. It is a word used to describe a temporary or habitual lack of skill or grace in various activities or interactions.

Example sentences containing maladroit

1. His maladroit handling of the situation led to further complications.
2. She was known for her maladroit social skills.
3. He was criticized for his maladroit approach to the problem.
4. The company's maladroit response to the crisis damaged its reputation.
5. His maladroit attempts at humor fell flat.
6. The politician's maladroit statements caused controversy.

History and etymology of maladroit

The adjective 'maladroit' has its roots in the French language. It is a combination of two French words: 'mal,' meaning 'bad' or 'poor,' and 'adroit,' meaning 'skilled' or 'dexterous.' Therefore, the etymology of 'maladroit' conveys the idea of being bad or poor in terms of skill and dexterity. In English, it is used to describe individuals who are clumsy, awkward, or lacking in the ability to perform tasks that require coordination or finesse. The term 'maladroit' emphasizes the absence of skill and dexterity, highlighting the notion of ineptness or clumsiness in one's actions or abilities.

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Further usage examples of maladroit

1. The team's performance was hampered by their maladroit coordination.
2. The driver's maladroit maneuver caused an accident.
3. The chef's maladroit handling of the knife resulted in several cuts.
4. The team's maladroit execution of the plan resulted in failure.
5. The company's maladroit decision making led to significant losses.
6. His maladroit attempt at juggling ended with dropped balls and laughter from the audience.
7. She's so maladroit in the kitchen that everything she tries to cook turns into a messy disaster.
8. His maladroit handling of the delicate glassware resulted in costly breakages.
9. The maladroit dancer stumbled and tripped through the routine, lacking grace.
10. His maladroit navigation skills left them lost in the wilderness for hours.
11. The chef's maladroit use of spices ruined the otherwise promising dish.
12. Her maladroit public speaking caused long and awkward silences during her presentation.
13. The maladroit guitarist struggled to play even the simplest chords, producing a cacophony.
14. His maladroit driving habits led to frequent accidents on the road.
15. The maladroit painter couldn't capture the natural beauty of the landscape in his artwork.
16. Her maladroit typing skills resulted in numerous typos and errors in the document.
17. The maladroit surgeon's trembling hands during the procedure raised concerns among the medical staff.
18. He's maladroit with tools, and his DIY projects often end in frustration and disappointment.
19. The maladroit goalkeeper's inability to stop easy goals cost the team the match.
20. Her maladroit attempt at sewing left the fabric with a crooked seam and uneven stitches.
21. The maladroit architect's design lacked elegance and practicality, causing construction delays.
22. His maladroit negotiation skills failed to secure a favorable deal for the company.
23. The maladroit juggler's performance left the audience unimpressed, with many dropped objects.
24. Her maladroit attempts at flirting were met with awkwardness and rejection.
25. The maladroit driver struggled to parallel park the car, causing traffic congestion and frustration.



clumsy, adept, skillful, dexterous


Prefix mal-, SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Challenges and Difficulties, Ineffectual and Obsolete

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