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How to pronounce gnomic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gnomic

Concise, mysterious, and often difficult to understand due to its cryptic or aphoristic nature.
"The wise old man spoke in gnomic riddles that left the villagers pondering."


Detailed meaning of gnomic

This word is often used to describe pithy sayings, such as those found in proverbs, adages, or aphorisms. A gnomic statement may contain an element of paradox, irony, or ambiguity, which adds to its enigmatic quality. For example, the famous gnomic statement "less is more" is a paradoxical statement that is open to interpretation. Additionally, the term "gnomic" can be used to describe literary works, such as poetry or philosophy, that use concise and often obscure language to convey complex ideas. Overall, the term "gnomic" describes something that is mysterious, enigmatic, and often requires contemplation and interpretation to fully grasp its meaning.

Example sentences containing gnomic

1. Her poetry was full of gnomic phrases that were difficult to decipher.
2. The philosopher's gnomic insights were profound, but hard to understand.
3. The cryptic message was written in a gnomic code that only a few could read.
4. His gnomic response left us even more confused than before.
5. The author's writing style was characterized by gnomic phrases and paradoxes.
6. The teacher challenged the students to write gnomic sayings of their own.

History and etymology of gnomic

The adjective 'gnomic' finds its linguistic roots in the term 'gnome,' which has an intriguing etymology. 'Gnome' traces its origins to the Greek word 'gnōmē,' which referred to a proverb or a short, pithy saying that encapsulates wisdom or a universal truth. This concept was further developed in ancient Greece, where wise and concise statements, often attributed to philosophers, were highly regarded. The term 'gnomic' thus evolved to describe not only the concise and aphoristic nature of such wisdom but also any cryptic or mysterious utterance that requires contemplation to grasp its full meaning. Consequently, the etymology of 'gnomic' ties it to the rich tradition of profound and enigmatic wisdom encapsulated in succinct expressions.

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Further usage examples of gnomic

1. The fortune cookie's gnomic message was open to interpretation.
2. The prophet spoke in gnomic prophecies that were hard to interpret.
3. The artist's painting contained gnomic symbols and hidden meanings.
4. The playwright's dialogue was filled with gnomic statements that added to the play's mystery.
5. The guru's teachings were full of gnomic wisdom that left his followers enlightened.
6. His gnomic wisdom, shrouded in metaphor, compelled introspection.
7. The painting's gnomic symbolism challenged viewers to decode it.
8. Her gnomic speech was a labyrinth of hidden meanings.
9. The ancient scrolls contained gnomic verses, a puzzle of antiquity.
10. His gnomic advice, delivered in riddles, perplexed the seekers.
11. The philosopher's gnomic writings were a treasury of enigma.
12. The cryptic poem's gnomic verses concealed profound truths.
13. The oracle's gnomic pronouncements demanded interpretation.
14. The guru's gnomic teachings held profound, cryptic insights.
15. The mystic's gnomic sayings unveiled veiled realities.
16. The book's gnomic passages invited readers to unravel mysteries.
17. Her gnomic response, veiled in enigma, invited contemplation.
18. The sage's gnomic parables concealed life's deepest truths.
19. The ancient manuscript's gnomic wisdom was a riddle of ages.
20. The poet's gnomic verses beckoned readers into introspection.
21. The philosopher's gnomic philosophy plumbed the depths.
22. His gnomic anecdotes, like puzzles, unveiled life's secrets.
23. The wise elder's gnomic aphorisms were fountains of wisdom.
24. The cryptic message's gnomic nature puzzled investigators.
25. The enigmatic painting's gnomic symbols eluded easy decoding.



cryptic, clear, explicit, straightforward


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