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How to pronounce gospel (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gospel

The teachings or principles of Christianity, particularly those found in the New Testament of the Bible, specifically the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
"The pastor preached the gospel of love and compassion to his congregation."

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Detailed meaning of gospel

It represents the core message and beliefs of the Christian faith, emphasizing concepts such as salvation, forgiveness, love, and redemption. The gospel is considered the "good news" that offers hope and guidance to believers. Additionally, the term "gospel" can also refer to a genre of music that originated from African American spirituals and evolved into a distinct musical style characterized by its emotive vocals, harmonies, and religious lyrics. The gospel genre often expresses themes of faith, worship, and spiritual upliftment. Overall, the gospel holds significant religious and cultural significance, embodying both a sacred message and a form of artistic expression.

Example sentences containing gospel

1. We gathered together to sing gospel songs and praise the Lord.
2. The evangelist traveled from town to town, spreading the gospel of salvation.
3. The Bible is considered the ultimate source of the gospel message.
4. Many people find solace and guidance in reading the words of the gospel.
5. The choir delivered a powerful performance of a gospel hymn, moving the audience to tears.
6. The gospel teaches us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

History and etymology of gospel

The term 'gospel' has a rich etymology that can be traced back to Old English and beyond. It derives from the Old English word 'godspell,' which itself is a compound of 'god' and 'spel.' In Old English, 'god' meant 'good,' and 'spel' referred to a story or news. Therefore, 'godspell' originally meant 'good news' or 'glad tidings.' This Old English word was used to translate the Latin term 'evangelium,' which also meant 'good news' or 'gospel.' 'Evangelium' was a significant term in Christianity, as it referred to the teachings and message of Jesus Christ, particularly those found in the New Testament of the Bible. Over time, 'godspell' evolved into 'gospel' in Middle English, and it continues to be a fundamental concept in Christian theology, representing the message of salvation through the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Further usage examples of gospel

1. The preacher delivered an inspiring sermon, sharing the gospel of hope and grace.
2. Gospel music has a unique ability to uplift the spirit and touch the soul.
3. The missionary dedicated his life to sharing the gospel with remote communities.
4. The gospel message offers forgiveness and redemption to all who seek it.
5. The gospel choir's harmonies filled the church with joy and praise.
6. The gospel reminds us to treat others with kindness and respect.
7. Gospel lyrics often tell stories of faith, struggle, and triumph.
8. The gospel concert attracted a diverse audience, uniting people through music and faith.
9. The gospel of Jesus Christ provides a path to eternal life and salvation.
10. Gospel singers often use their voices to convey deep emotions and devotion.
11. The gospel reading during the church service reminded everyone of God's love and mercy.
12. The gospel message inspires believers to live a life of righteousness and service.
13. The gospel is a source of inspiration and strength for countless individuals around the world.
14. The preacher delivered a powerful message from the gospel.
15. The gospel of love and forgiveness is central to Christianity.
16. They gathered at the church to sing hymns and hear the gospel.
17. The four gospels in the New Testament recount Jesus's life.
18. Her faith in the gospel sustained her during difficult times.
19. The gospel's teachings emphasize compassion and humility.
20. Many find solace and guidance in the words of the gospel.
21. The choir sang joyful gospel songs during the service.
22. He dedicated his life to spreading the gospel's message.
23. The pastor shared a parable from the gospel to illustrate his point.
24. The gospel's message of hope resonates with believers worldwide.



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