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How to pronounce grassroots (audio)

Dictionary definition of grassroots

The fundamental level or the ordinary people within a group, community, or society who possess a shared interest, cause, or goal.
"The success of the project was attributed to the dedicated efforts of grassroots volunteers."

Detailed meaning of grassroots

It represents the collective effort and involvement of individuals at the local or community level, typically outside formal organizational structures or established hierarchies. Grassroots movements or initiatives often arise organically, driven by the concerns and aspirations of ordinary citizens who seek to bring about social, political, or cultural change. The term "grassroots" signifies the power of individuals and their ability to influence and shape society from the ground up. Grassroots efforts can manifest in various forms, such as community organizing, volunteerism, advocacy, or activism. These initiatives often prioritize inclusivity, community engagement, and democratic decision-making processes. By mobilizing people at the grassroots level, these movements aim to create meaningful and sustainable change by harnessing the collective power and voices of the people.

Example sentences containing grassroots

1. The grassroots movement aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues.
2. The organization relied on grassroots support to fund its charitable initiatives.
3. The candidate's campaign gained momentum with grassroots volunteers going door-to-door.
4. Grassroots activism played a crucial role in advocating for social justice reforms.
5. The grassroots organization organized a protest to voice concerns about income inequality.
6. The grassroots efforts led to the establishment of a community garden in the neighborhood.

History and etymology of grassroots

The noun 'grassroots' has its origins in the imagery of grass growing at ground level, close to the earth's surface. In this context, 'grassroots' emerged in the early 20th century in American English. It was initially used in the context of plants and agriculture to describe the fundamental growth of grass from its roots, close to the ground. Over time, this metaphorical usage extended to social and political contexts, referring to the fundamental level of a group, community, or society—the ordinary people who are closely connected to a shared interest, cause, or goal. 'Grassroots' emphasizes the idea that significant movements or changes often start from the bottom, with the common people, just as grass grows from its roots up towards the surface.

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Further usage examples of grassroots

1. Grassroots fundraising events helped finance the construction of a local playground.
2. The grassroots initiative focused on improving educational opportunities for underprivileged children.
3. Grassroots organizing allowed community members to come together and address common concerns.
4. The nonprofit organization was built from the ground up through grassroots support.
5. The grassroots movement championed the rights of marginalized groups.
6. The grassroots campaign successfully lobbied for stricter environmental regulations.
7. Grassroots mobilization brought attention to the need for affordable housing in the city.
8. The grassroots committee organized neighborhood clean-up events to improve the community.
9. Grassroots advocacy groups worked together to influence policy changes at the local level.
10. The grassroots movement empowered citizens to take action and make a difference.
11. The grassroots network provided resources and support for small businesses in the area.
12. Grassroots involvement was key in mobilizing voters during the election.
13. The grassroots initiative aimed to address food insecurity by establishing community food banks.
14. Grassroots organizing fostered a sense of empowerment and unity among community members.



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