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How to pronounce grating (audio)

Dictionary definition of grating

Irritating, harsh, or unpleasant to the senses, particularly to the ears.
"The grating sound of nails scratching on a chalkboard made everyone cringe."

Detailed meaning of grating

It suggests a rough, raspy, or jarring quality that causes discomfort or annoyance. When used to describe sounds, a grating noise is often characterized by a sharp, grinding, or scraping sensation. It can evoke a feeling of friction, dissonance, or discordance. In a broader sense, "grating" can also refer to something that is bothersome or irksome due to its repetitive or persistent nature, such as a grating voice or a grating personality. The adjective "grating" implies a lack of smoothness, harmony, or pleasantness, and may elicit a strong negative reaction or an urge to avoid the source of the irritation.

Example sentences containing grating

1. His grating voice grated on my nerves during the entire meeting.
2. The grating sensation of sand in my shoes made walking uncomfortable.
3. The screeching tires created a grating noise that echoed through the street.
4. I couldn't concentrate on my work with the grating noise of construction outside.
5. The grating smell of burnt popcorn filled the room after a failed cooking attempt.
6. Her grating laugh could be heard from across the room, causing heads to turn.

History and etymology of grating

The adjective 'grating' derives its etymology from the verb 'grate,' which has its roots in Middle English and Old French. In Middle English, 'grate' meant 'to scrape' or 'to shred,' and it can be traced back to the Old French word 'grater,' which had similar meanings. The sense of irritation or harshness associated with 'grating' likely stems from the sound produced when one scrapes or rubs surfaces together, which can be unpleasant to the ears. Over time, this connotation of an abrasive or irritating quality expanded to describe things that are harsh or unpleasant to the senses in a broader sense, particularly when referring to sound or behavior. Thus, 'grating' came to describe something that is annoying or irritating, often in the context of auditory experiences.

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Further usage examples of grating

1. The grating texture of the sandpaper made it perfect for smoothing rough surfaces.
2. The constant grating criticism from her boss left her feeling demoralized.
3. The grating glare from the bright neon sign was blinding.
4. The grating taste of the overcooked vegetables made the dish unappetizing.
5. The grating sensation of metal against metal indicated that the gears were in need of lubrication.
6. The grating sound of nails on a chalkboard made everyone cringe.
7. Her grating laughter echoed through the room, annoying everyone.
8. The grating noise of the car's brakes needed immediate attention.
9. The constant, grating criticism from the boss demoralized the team.
10. The grating tone of his voice made it hard to listen to him.
11. The grating sensation of sand in my shoes was uncomfortable.
12. The grating music at the party made it impossible to relax.
13. He had a grating habit of interrupting others during conversations.
14. The grating scent of burnt toast filled the kitchen.
15. The grating lyrics of the song seemed out of place in the melody.
16. Her grating attitude made it difficult to work with her.
17. The grating chatter of the noisy neighbors kept us up all night.
18. The grating sensation of dry hands on a chalkboard sent shivers down my spine.
19. His grating sarcasm often offended those around him.
20. The grating glare of the fluorescent lights was unpleasant.
21. The grating jingle of the ice cream truck was a welcome sound on a hot day.
22. The grating clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen was chaotic.
23. The grating taste of the overcooked vegetables was disappointing.
24. Her grating insistence on always being right was exhausting.
25. The grating odor of burnt rubber filled the air after the accident.



annoying, pleasant, soothing, harmonious


Conflict and Confrontation, High School 8, Sensory and Perception

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