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How to pronounce guidance (audio)
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Dictionary definition of guidance

The act or process of providing direction, advice, or assistance to someone in order to help them make informed decisions, navigate challenges, or achieve specific goals.
"She relied on her parents' guidance when making important life decisions."

Detailed meaning of guidance

Guidance typically involves offering support, knowledge, or expertise to individuals seeking direction or clarity in various aspects of their lives, such as personal development, education, career choices, or problem-solving. It can be provided by parents, mentors, teachers, counselors, or experts in a particular field. Guidance serves to offer insights, recommendations, and strategies to enable individuals to make well-informed choices and take appropriate actions. It plays a vital role in empowering individuals, boosting their confidence, and helping them maximize their potential. Guidance is often sought when facing uncertainties or when individuals require additional perspectives and expertise to make sound decisions or overcome obstacles.

Example sentences containing guidance

1. The student sought guidance from their teacher on choosing a career path.
2. The company provided guidance to its employees regarding the new policies.
3. The coach offered guidance to the athletes on improving their performance.
4. The mentor provided valuable guidance to the young entrepreneur starting a business.
5. The counselor offered guidance to the students struggling with academic challenges.
6. The organization provided guidance to individuals seeking financial advice.

History and etymology of guidance

The term 'guidance' finds its etymological roots in the Old French word 'guidance,' which means 'the action of guiding or directing.' The Old French term is derived from the verb 'guider,' meaning 'to guide' or 'to lead.' 'Guider' itself can be traced back to the Frankish word 'witan,' which means 'to show the way.' The word 'guidance' encapsulates the idea of providing direction, advice, or assistance to help individuals navigate life's challenges and make informed decisions. Its historical origins in the concept of showing the way and leading others reflect the essence of this noun, emphasizing its role in helping people achieve their goals and find their path in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of guidance

1. He turned to his trusted friend for guidance during a difficult time.
2. The guide provided expert guidance on navigating through the treacherous terrain.
3. The therapist offered guidance to help the patient manage their anxiety.
4. The teacher's guidance helped the students successfully complete their project.
5. The parents provided guidance and support to their child throughout their educational journey.
6. Seeking guidance from a mentor can accelerate your career.
7. Effective guidance is essential for personal growth.
8. The teacher's guidance improved my writing skills.
9. Her guidance was instrumental in solving the problem.
10. Providing guidance to youth is a noble endeavor.
11. Guidance counselors assist students with college choices.
12. Expert guidance can simplify complex tasks.
13. Clear guidance is key to project success.
14. She offered valuable guidance on financial planning.
15. The CEO's guidance steered the company to success.
16. Parental guidance shapes a child's upbringing.
17. Guidance from experienced hikers is invaluable.
18. Legal guidance is essential in complex cases.
19. His guidance led the team to victory.
20. Guidance systems are crucial in aerospace technology.
21. Seeking spiritual guidance can bring inner peace.
22. Guidance on healthy eating promotes well-being.
23. The coach's guidance boosted team morale.
24. Guidance on investing can secure your future.
25. The therapist provided emotional guidance.

direction, neglect, disregard, misguidance

Suffix -ance, TOEFL 12, Advice and Guidance, Influence and Persuasion, Leadership and Governance




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