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naive, skeptical, discerning, shrewd


Suffix -ible, ACT 10 (American College Testing), Middle School 8, Naivety and Stupidity, Absence and Lack



How to pronounce gullible (audio)


Dictionary definition of gullible

Easily deceived or tricked because of one's naivety, trustfulness, or lack of skepticism.
"The scam artist preyed on the gullible and unsuspecting."

Detailed meaning of gullible

When a person is labeled as gullible, it implies that they are prone to believing things without questioning their accuracy or authenticity, often making them vulnerable to manipulation or deceit. Gullible individuals may accept information or claims at face value, without critically evaluating their validity or considering potential ulterior motives. While trust and open-mindedness can be positive qualities, being excessively gullible can expose individuals to exploitation or scams. It underscores a susceptibility to persuasion and a tendency to accept information uncritically.

Example sentences containing gullible

1. He's incredibly gullible, often falling for the most obvious lies.
2. Her gullible nature makes her an easy target for deceitful people.
3. Don't let your gullible tendencies lead you into financial traps.
4. Gullible individuals can be easily swayed by persuasive arguments.
5. The scam artist exploits the gullible with promises of easy riches.
6. His gullible belief in supernatural phenomena clouds his judgment.

History and etymology of gullible

The adjective 'gullible' has an interesting etymology rooted in the word 'gull.' It is believed to have originated in the 16th century, derived from the verb 'gull,' which meant 'to deceive' or 'to cheat.' The term 'gull' itself may have been influenced by the noun 'gull,' referring to a seabird known for its apparent simplicity and ease of capture. Over time, 'gullible' came to describe individuals who are easily deceived or tricked because of their naivety, trustfulness, or lack of skepticism. The term suggests a vulnerability to manipulation or exploitation, akin to how a bird might be lured or deceived. This etymology reflects the connection between the act of deception and the characteristic of being gullible, highlighting the potential for exploitation when one is too credulous or unsuspecting.

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Further usage examples of gullible

1. She's gullible, often accepting tall tales as gospel truth.
2. Gullible people are more susceptible to misinformation and manipulation.
3. The gullible customer bought into the false advertising claims.
4. Protect yourself from scams by being less gullible and more discerning.
5. Her gullible trust in strangers can put her in risky situations.
6. Gullible investors lost their life savings in the fraudulent scheme.
7. Gullible students are often the victims of schoolyard pranks.
8. His gullible innocence makes him an easy target for exploitation.
9. Gullible individuals are easily lured into get-rich-quick schemes.
10. She's so gullible; she'll believe anything without questioning it.
11. The gullible teen fell victim to an online phishing scam.
12. Gullible consumers should exercise caution when making purchases.
13. The gullible listener unquestioningly accepted the false information.
14. Gullible people need to be vigilant and critical in the digital age.
15. She's so gullible that she'll believe anything you tell her.
16. The scammer targeted the gullible elderly couple and swindled them out of their savings.
17. Don't be so gullible and fall for every conspiracy theory you read online.
18. His gullible nature made him an easy target for the con artist's schemes.
19. The gullible tourist was convinced to buy a worthless trinket at an exorbitant price.
20. She was ashamed of her gullible behavior when she realized she had been taken advantage of.
21. Gullible people are more susceptible to manipulation and deception.
22. He's gullible enough to believe that he can get rich quick without any effort.
23. She's so gullible that she believes every piece of gossip she hears.
24. The gullible student fell for the teacher's prank and embarrassed himself in front of the class.
25. The gullible customer was convinced to buy a faulty product that did not live up to its promises.
26. The politician took advantage of the gullible voters' naivety to gain their support.

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