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How to pronounce susceptible (audio)

Dictionary definition of susceptible

Likely or prone to be affected or influenced by a particular thing, such as a disease, an emotion, or a condition.
"He was susceptible to sunburn and always wore sunscreen."

Detailed meaning of susceptible

It can also refer to being vulnerable or open to a certain type of attack or influence. A person who is susceptible to a certain illness, for example, is likely to become ill if exposed to the conditions that cause that illness. Similarly, a person who is emotionally susceptible might be more likely to become upset or affected by certain types of situations or people. Susceptibility can also refer to being open to persuasion, manipulation or influence, and it can be used in a positive or negative way. In general, susceptible implies a level of vulnerability, making it important to be aware of it and take steps to protect oneself.

Example sentences containing susceptible

1. Children are more susceptible to common colds and viruses.
2. She was susceptible to flattery and easily fell for his charm.
3. Certain individuals are more susceptible to allergies than others.
4. The elderly are particularly susceptible to heatstroke during hot weather.
5. Lack of sleep makes you more susceptible to illnesses.
6. The company's outdated security system made it susceptible to cyber attacks.

History and etymology of susceptible

The adjective 'susceptible' has Latin roots. It is derived from the Latin word 'susceptibilis,' which is formed from 'suscipere,' where 'sus' means 'under' or 'up,' and 'capere' means 'to take' or 'to receive.' Therefore, the etymology of 'susceptible' conveys the idea of being able to take or receive something, making one open or receptive to certain influences or conditions. In English, it is used to describe individuals or things that are likely or prone to be affected or influenced by a particular thing, such as a disease, an emotion, or a condition. The term 'susceptible' underscores the concept of vulnerability or receptivity, reflecting its historical connection to the idea of being open to external influences or experiences.

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Further usage examples of susceptible

1. Some people are more susceptible to peer pressure than others.
2. The patient's weakened immune system made him more susceptible to infections.
3. He had a susceptible personality and was easily influenced by others.
4. The fragile ecosystem is highly susceptible to environmental changes.
5. The child's delicate skin is susceptible to sunburn.
6. Certain genetic factors make some individuals more susceptible to certain diseases.
7. The company's financial situation made it susceptible to bankruptcy.
8. The exposed wires made the building susceptible to electrical fires.
9. The team's lack of coordination made them susceptible to defeat.
10. The politician's controversial statements made him susceptible to public backlash.
11. The weakened infrastructure is susceptible to damage during natural disasters.
12. The unprotected computer network is susceptible to hacking attempts.
13. The plants in the garden are susceptible to pest infestations.
14. The athlete's overworked muscles made him more susceptible to injuries.



vulnerable, immune, resistant, impervious


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