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How to pronounce gutless (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gutless

Lacking courage, bravery, or the ability to take bold and decisive actions.
"The coach criticized the team's gutless performance on the field."

Detailed meaning of gutless

It refers to an individual who shows a lack of backbone, strength, or determination when faced with challenging or difficult situations. A gutless person tends to avoid confrontations, shies away from taking risks, and may exhibit a tendency to choose the path of least resistance. This term implies a sense of weakness or timidity, suggesting a lack of moral fiber or conviction. It can be used to criticize someone for their perceived lack of courage or for not standing up for what they believe in. The term "gutless" carries a negative connotation, indicating a deficiency in character or a failure to demonstrate resilience and assertiveness when confronted with adversity.

Example sentences containing gutless

1. The politician's gutless response to the crisis disappointed the public.
2. He showed his true colors by making a gutless decision to abandon his friends.
3. The gutless manager failed to address the issues within the team, leading to a decline in performance.
4. I lost respect for him when I witnessed his gutless behavior in the face of adversity.
5. Her gutless attitude prevented her from pursuing her dreams.
6. The gutless employee constantly avoided taking on challenging projects.

History and etymology of gutless

The adjective 'gutless' is a colloquial term that draws its etymology from a figurative use of the word 'gut.' In this context, 'gut' refers to the innermost parts of a person, often associated with emotions and courage. The term 'gutless' is formed by adding the suffix '-less' to 'gut,' indicating a lack or absence of the qualities typically associated with the inner strength and courage represented by one's 'gut.' While 'gutless' may not have a long and complex etymological history, it effectively conveys the notion of lacking the bravery or determination to take bold and decisive actions, making it a straightforward and expressive adjective in the English language.

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Further usage examples of gutless

1. I can't believe she took credit for my work—how gutless can she be?
2. His gutless nature made it difficult for him to stand up to bullies.
3. The gutless CEO refused to take responsibility for the company's failures.
4. The gutless decision to avoid addressing the issue only exacerbated the problem.
5. It was clear that the gutless employee lacked the courage to speak up during the meeting.
6. The team captain's gutless leadership contributed to their poor performance.
7. The politician's gutless response to the scandal showed a lack of integrity.
8. The gutless student failed to defend his ideas during the class debate.
9. The gutless driver fled the scene of the accident without taking responsibility.
10. The gutless supervisor refused to intervene in the workplace conflict.
11. Her gutless approach to life prevented her from taking risks and pursuing her passions.
12. The gutless artist played it safe with conventional artwork instead of pushing boundaries.
13. The company's gutless handling of the customer complaint damaged their reputation.
14. His gutless response to the challenge disappointed everyone.
15. She considered him gutless for not standing up to the bully.
16. The team's gutless performance left fans frustrated.
17. A gutless leader fails to inspire confidence in the group.
18. It takes a gutless person to avoid taking responsibility.
19. The cowardly act was a prime example of his gutless nature.
20. Gutless politicians often shy away from tough decisions.
21. He proved himself to be truly gutless in times of crisis.
22. The character's gutless actions weakened the storyline.
23. Gutless individuals rarely achieve great success.
24. A gutless approach won't lead to meaningful change.



cowardly, brave, courageous, daring


Suffix -less, Fortitude and Rebellion, High School 4, Temperament and Disposition

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