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coincidence, design, intention, planning


Suffix -ance, Events and Milestones, High School 12, Emotions and Serendipity



How to pronounce happenstance (audio)


Dictionary definition of happenstance

A chance or coincidence that occurs without any specific planning or intention.
"Their meeting was a mere happenstance that led to a long-lasting friendship."

Detailed meaning of happenstance

It suggests that an event or circumstance has occurred by sheer luck or accident rather than as a result of deliberate action. Happenstance often implies an unexpected and unplanned occurrence, and can refer to anything from a random encounter with a stranger on the street to a chance discovery that leads to a major scientific breakthrough. The term "happenstance" can also suggest a sense of serendipity or fortuity, with the implication that the unexpected event may have positive or beneficial outcomes. Overall, the term "happenstance" conveys a sense of unpredictability and chance, and is often used to describe events that occur without any obvious cause or reason.

Example sentences containing happenstance

1. The discovery of the new species was just a happenstance during the expedition.
2. The success of the business was a happenstance that occurred due to a chance encounter.
3. She found the missing item by happenstance while cleaning her room.
4. The two actors met by happenstance while auditioning for the same role.
5. The photographer captured the perfect shot by happenstance when the subject turned suddenly.
6. The invention of penicillin was a happenstance discovery by Alexander Fleming.

History and etymology of happenstance

The noun 'happenstance' has a straightforward etymology that mirrors its meaning. It is a blend of two words: 'happen' and 'stance.' 'Happen' comes from the Middle English word 'hap,' which means 'chance' or 'fortune.' 'Stance,' on the other hand, derives from the Old French word 'stance,' meaning 'position' or 'posture.' The fusion of these two words gives rise to 'happenstance,' which essentially describes a chance occurrence or coincidence that happens without any particular planning or intention, much like the random positioning of events or circumstances. Its etymology encapsulates the essence of unpredictability and fortuity associated with such occurrences.

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Further usage examples of happenstance

1. The couple's relationship began by happenstance when they were seated next to each other on a plane.
2. The author stumbled upon the idea for their book by happenstance while on a walk.
3. The solution to the problem came by happenstance during a brainstorming session.
4. The painting was bought by happenstance when a collector stumbled upon it at a garage sale.
5. The student's research project took a new direction by happenstance after stumbling upon a new piece of information.
6. Their meeting was a delightful happenstance at the bustling market.
7. In a stroke of happenstance, they found the same book in the library.
8. Many great discoveries in science have been the result of happenstance.
9. Their love story began as a beautiful happenstance on a rainy day.
10. The success of their startup was more than mere happenstance.
11. Life is filled with unexpected happenstances that shape our journey.
12. By sheer happenstance, they both chose the same vacation destination.
13. The reunion was a heartwarming happenstance at the old coffee shop.
14. Sometimes, the best memories are born from serendipitous happenstances.
15. In the world of art, happenstance often plays a significant role.
16. Their chance encounter at the airport was a serendipitous happenstance.
17. They met through a series of unlikely happenstances.
18. The invention of penicillin was a fortuitous happenstance.
19. It was a happenstance that they both arrived at the party early.
20. Life's greatest adventures often come from unexpected happenstances.
21. By pure happenstance, they ended up working on the same project.
22. The discovery of the hidden treasure was a thrilling happenstance.
23. Their paths crossed due to a wonderful happenstance of fate.
24. Through a series of fortuitous happenstances, they built a lifelong friendship.
25. The beautiful happenstance of a double rainbow left them in awe.

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