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How to pronounce incident (audio)

Dictionary definition of incident

An event, occurrence, or happening that takes place, often unexpectedly, and attracts attention or has a notable impact.
"The police were called to investigate the domestic incident next door."

Detailed meaning of incident

It typically involves a specific incident or episode that stands out within a broader context. Incidents can range from minor or trivial occurrences to more significant or serious events. They can involve accidents, conflicts, disruptions, or noteworthy incidents of any kind. Incidents can occur in various settings, such as in daily life, workplaces, public spaces, or during specific activities or engagements. They can be positive, negative, or neutral in nature, depending on the circumstances and the perspective of those involved. Incidents often warrant attention, investigation, or response due to their impact on individuals, groups, or systems. Overall, the noun "incident" encompasses any distinct event or happening that occurs within a particular context and attracts attention or has a noticeable effect.

Example sentences containing incident

1. The car accident caused a major traffic incident on the highway.
2. She shared a funny incident that happened during her vacation.
3. The security guard swiftly handled the incident at the entrance of the building.
4. The company issued a statement addressing the incident of data breach.
5. The airline apologized for the incident and offered compensation to affected passengers.
6. The team held a meeting to discuss the incident and find ways to prevent it from happening again.

History and etymology of incident

The noun 'incident' has its origins in the Latin word 'incidens,' which is the present participle of 'incidere.' 'Incidere' is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'into') and 'cadere' (meaning 'to fall'). In Latin, 'incidens' referred to something that falls into or happens unexpectedly. As the word made its way into English, it retained this fundamental meaning of an event, occurrence, or happening that takes place, often unexpectedly, and attracts attention or has a notable impact. 'Incident' emphasizes the notion of something occurring, often without prior planning, and becoming noteworthy due to its nature or consequences. The etymology of 'incident' underscores its historical connection to the idea of events or occurrences that 'fall into' our awareness or experience, highlighting its role in describing various happenings in our lives.

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Further usage examples of incident

1. The school implemented new safety measures after a security incident occurred on the premises.
2. The incident of vandalism left the community in shock and disbelief.
3. The incident of kindness from a stranger restored her faith in humanity.
4. The incident of miscommunication resulted in confusion and delays.
5. The report highlighted the incident of workplace harassment and the need for better policies.
6. The car accident caused a major traffic incident on the highway.
7. An incident at the factory led to a temporary shutdown.
8. His comment sparked an incident during the heated debate.
9. The security team handled the security incident swiftly.
10. The incident involving the fire department drew a crowd.
11. The restaurant's food poisoning incident made headlines.
12. The incident report detailed the workplace injury.
13. She recalled the incident from her childhood vividly.
14. An incident of vandalism occurred in the park last night.
15. The wildlife encounter was a memorable incident.
16. A minor incident delayed the flight's departure.
17. The incident disrupted the peaceful neighborhood.
18. Police investigated the hit-and-run incident thoroughly.
19. The school bullying incident required intervention.
20. The incident at the museum raised security concerns.
21. The incident was captured on surveillance cameras.
22. An incident of cyberbullying prompted school action.
23. The noise disturbance incident was resolved peacefully.
24. The diplomatic incident strained international relations.
25. The medical incident required immediate attention.



event, nonoccurrence, inactivity, non-event


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