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How to pronounce heartfelt (audio)

Dictionary definition of heartfelt

Sincere, genuine, and deeply felt from the heart.
"The couple exchanged heartfelt vows during their wedding ceremony."

Detailed meaning of heartfelt

When something is described as heartfelt, it implies that it comes from a place of true emotion and authenticity. It suggests a depth of feeling and a genuine connection with one's innermost emotions. A heartfelt gesture, message, or action is often characterized by its warmth, sincerity, and the earnestness with which it is delivered. It conveys a sense of honesty and vulnerability, reflecting a genuine and profound emotional investment. When someone offers heartfelt condolences, gratitude, or apologies, they are expressing their true emotions with a sense of earnestness and sincerity. The word 'heartfelt' captures the essence of genuine and heartfelt emotions, emphasizing the depth and sincerity of one's feelings.

Example sentences containing heartfelt

1. She gave a heartfelt speech that moved the entire audience to tears.
2. I received a heartfelt thank-you note from my friend, and it meant the world to me.
3. His heartfelt apology touched her deeply, and she forgave him.
4. The heartfelt hug from her mother made all the difference in her day.
5. The teacher expressed heartfelt pride in her students' achievements.
6. They shared a heartfelt conversation about their deepest fears and dreams.

History and etymology of heartfelt

The adjective 'heartfelt' is a compound word that combines 'heart' and 'felt.' 'Heart' represents the center of emotions, love, and sincerity, while 'felt' is the past tense and past participle of the verb 'feel.' When combined, 'heartfelt' conveys the idea of something that is sincere, genuine, and deeply felt from the heart. Its etymology reflects the notion that emotions and sentiments that originate from the heart are often the most sincere and profound, emphasizing the authenticity and depth of the feelings being expressed.

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Further usage examples of heartfelt

1. The heartfelt support of her friends helped her through a difficult time.
2. He wrote a heartfelt letter to his parents, expressing his love and gratitude.
3. The singer's heartfelt rendition of the song brought the audience to their feet.
4. The heartfelt laughter of children playing in the park was contagious.
5. The heartfelt plea for help resonated with the community, leading to an outpouring of support.
6. The actress gave a heartfelt acceptance speech upon receiving the award.
7. The couple shared a heartfelt embrace after being apart for months.
8. He wrote a heartfelt message in the birthday card, expressing his affection and admiration.
9. The heartfelt testimonies from the survivors moved everyone in the courtroom.
10. She received a heartfelt compliment on her artwork, boosting her confidence.
11. The team's heartfelt celebration after winning the championship was unforgettable.
12. The heartfelt condolences from friends and family brought comfort during their time of loss.
13. The heartfelt prayers offered by the community gave them strength during a challenging period.
14. Her heartfelt apology brought tears to his eyes.
15. The heartfelt message in the card touched her deeply.
16. Their heartfelt reunion was filled with joy and tears.
17. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows on their wedding day.
18. His heartfelt laughter was infectious and uplifting.
19. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped.
20. The heartfelt condolences provided comfort in their grief.
21. The singer's performance was met with heartfelt applause.
22. His heartfelt advice came from years of experience.
23. A heartfelt gesture can brighten someone's day.
24. Their heartfelt friendship stood the test of time.



sincere, insincere, artificial, feigned


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