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How to pronounce hobnob (audio)


Dictionary definition of hobnob

To socialize or associate with others, particularly in a friendly and familiar manner.
"The conference provided an opportunity for professionals in the industry to hobnob and exchange ideas."

Detailed meaning of hobnob

When people hobnob, they engage in casual and often lively conversations, usually in a social setting such as a party, gathering, or event. It involves mingling with others, exchanging pleasantries, and engaging in light-hearted conversation. Hobnobbing often implies a sense of camaraderie and easy interaction among individuals, regardless of their social status or background. The term can also suggest a level of familiarity or closeness among those involved, indicating a comfortable and relaxed social atmosphere. By hobnobbing, people seek to network, build connections, or simply enjoy the company of others in a convivial and sociable manner.

Example sentences containing hobnob

1. In high society, you're expected to hobnob with influential people.
2. Despite his common upbringing, he seemed to hobnob effortlessly at the gala.
3. She aspires to hobnob with celebrities and thought leaders.
4. They arrived at the charity event ready to hobnob with other philanthropists.
5. We have an opportunity to hobnob with important clients next week.
6. It's quite the experience to hobnob with people from such diverse backgrounds.

History and etymology of hobnob

The verb 'hobnob' has a somewhat intriguing and uncertain etymology. It first appeared in English during the 18th century. While the exact origin is unclear, it is thought to be a combination of two words with similar meanings. The word 'hob' was used to describe a small drink or toast, often in the context of sharing a drink with others in a social gathering. 'Nob' was a slang term for a person of wealth or social prominence. When combined, 'hobnob' likely originally meant to drink together in a convivial and sociable manner, often among people of similar social standing. Over time, its meaning broadened to encompass the idea of socializing or associating with others, particularly in a friendly and familiar way. Its etymology reflects the history of social interactions and the convivial atmosphere often associated with sharing drinks and engaging in friendly conversation.

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Further usage examples of hobnob

1. She taught me how to hobnob without feeling out of place.
2. You'll get a chance to hobnob with award-winning authors at the convention.
3. At these industry parties, you need to hobnob to make meaningful connections.
4. He did not just want to hobnob; he sought to build lasting relationships.
5. She felt out of her depth, but was determined to hobnob at the art show.
6. In these circles, it's not enough to know people; you must hobnob with them.
7. It's wise to hobnob with people from different fields; you never know where you'll find synergies.
8. We're expected to hobnob with our competitors at the annual conference.
9. They were not there just to watch the match but to hobnob with the other team's sponsors.
10. I'm not a natural extrovert, but I've learned to hobnob when the occasion demands it.
11. This reception is a golden opportunity for you to hobnob with industry pioneers.
12. While I do not naturally hobnob, I recognize the value in networking at these events.
13. He was able to hobnob with ease, turning every acquaintance into a friend.
14. Every entrepreneur should learn how to hobnob with potential investors.

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