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How to pronounce mix (audio)


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Dictionary definition of mix

To combine or blend different substances or elements together.
"They mix the drinks to perfection, balancing the flavors."

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Detailed meaning of mix

This can refer to physically combining ingredients in cooking or baking, such as mixing flour and eggs to make dough. It can also refer to blending or combining liquids, such as mixing milk and coffee. In a broader sense, it can involve merging or integrating different components or elements, such as mixing different colors to create new shades in painting. Stir or agitate: Another meaning of "mix" is to stir or agitate a substance or mixture to ensure uniformity or distribution. For example, mixing a drink involves stirring or shaking it to blend the ingredients evenly. In a scientific context, mixing can involve stirring or shaking a solution to ensure the components are well-distributed. Associate or socialize: "Mix" can also refer to associating or socializing with others in a casual or informal setting. It implies engaging with a group or gathering, interacting with people, or participating in social activities. For example, attending a party or social event where people mingle and interact is referred to as mixing with others. Confuse or jumble: "Mix" can also describe a state of confusion or disorder. When things are mixed up, they are disorganized or jumbled together, making it difficult to distinguish or separate individual elements. For instance, when papers or documents are mixed up, it can be challenging to sort or identify them. Crossbreed or interbreed: In certain contexts, "mix" can refer to the act of crossbreeding or interbreeding different species or varieties, resulting in offspring that inherit characteristics from both parents. This is common in the field of genetics or animal breeding.

Example sentences containing mix

1. They mix the ingredients to create a delicious cake.
2. Please mix the colors together to get the desired shade.
3. They mix the paint thoroughly before starting the artwork.
4. Let's mix the spices to create a flavorful seasoning.
5. They mix the different genres of music to create a unique sound.
6. Please mix the salad dressing before pouring it over the greens.

History and etymology of mix

The verb 'mix' has its etymological roots in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'mischen' or 'messen.' However, its origins can be traced back even further to Old English, where the word 'miscian' meant to 'mix' or 'mingle.' This Old English term shares a common Germanic ancestry with related words in other Germanic languages. The concept of combining or blending different substances or elements together lies at the heart of the word's meaning. Over time, 'mix' has remained a versatile and fundamental term, used to describe the act of amalgamating various components to create a uniform or heterogeneous mixture. Its etymology reflects the age-old human practice of blending ingredients or elements for various purposes, such as cooking, chemistry, or even in the context of cultural diversity.

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Further usage examples of mix

1. They mix the chemicals in a controlled environment for scientific experiments.
2. Let's mix the clay and water to form a moldable consistency.
3. Please mix the laundry detergent with water before adding the clothes.
4. They mix the soil with compost to enrich it with nutrients.
5. Let's mix the ingredients of the cocktail in a shaker for a refreshing drink.
6. They mix the paint colors on a palette to create a custom hue.
7. Please mix the oil and vinegar for a tangy salad dressing.
8. They mix the words and melody to compose a beautiful song.
9. Let's mix the cleaning solution before scrubbing the surfaces.
10. They mix the vegetables together for a colorful and nutritious stir-fry.
11. Please mix the flour and water to make a smooth batter.
12. They mix the voices of different singers to create harmonies.
13. Let's mix the coffee and milk for a creamy latte.
14. The chef decided to mix exotic spices for a unique flavor.
15. She loves to mix vibrant colors in her abstract paintings.
16. Let's mix the ingredients and bake a delicious cake.
17. The DJ will mix different music genres at the party.
18. They plan to mix traditional and modern design elements in the house.
19. In chemistry class, we learn how to mix various compounds.
20. Mixing cultures can lead to a rich tapestry of traditions.
21. It's important to mix well for a smooth, creamy texture.
22. The bartender can mix a perfect cocktail for any taste.
23. To create harmony, we need to mix different perspectives.
24. We should mix teamwork with individual creativity for success.



combine, separate, divide, segregate


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