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How to pronounce hoodwink (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hoodwink

To deceive or trick someone by concealing the truth, often through clever manipulation or cunning tactics.
"The con artist managed to hoodwink his victims out of their savings."

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Detailed meaning of hoodwink

When one 'hoodwinks' another, they intentionally mislead or outwit them, causing the victim to believe something false or act in a certain way based on false information. This term conveys the idea of a calculated and often crafty effort to exploit someone's trust, naivety, or lack of awareness for personal gain or amusement. Being 'hoodwinked' implies falling prey to deception or manipulation, typically with the victim realizing they have been tricked once the truth becomes apparent. 'Hoodwink' underscores the element of artful deceit and the act of misleading someone through crafty means.

Example sentences containing hoodwink

1. The scam artist tried to hoodwink the elderly couple into giving away their savings.
2. He attempted to hoodwink the jury with false evidence.
3. The illusionist's tricks could hoodwink even the most skeptical audience.
4. Don't let them hoodwink you into buying a lemon of a car.
5. The con man managed to hoodwink investors into a Ponzi scheme.
6. She didn't realize he would hoodwink her into divulging confidential information.

History and etymology of hoodwink

The verb 'hoodwink' has an etymology that combines two words: 'hood' and 'wink.' The word 'hood' in this context means to cover or conceal, often with a hood or other covering. 'Wink' refers to the closing and opening of one's eyes. When combined, 'hoodwink' originally referred to the act of covering someone's eyes with a hood or blindfold, effectively blinding them and preventing them from seeing the truth. Over time, this term took on a figurative sense, describing the act of deceiving or tricking someone by concealing the truth, often through clever manipulation or cunning tactics. The etymology of 'hoodwink' emphasizes the notion of obscuring vision or understanding, highlighting the deceptive nature of this action.

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Further usage examples of hoodwink

1. The cunning spy could hoodwink intelligence agencies with ease.
2. The fraudster's charm was used to hoodwink unsuspecting victims.
3. The fake news story was designed to hoodwink the public.
4. They tried to hoodwink the market by spreading false rumors.
5. The expert witness attempted to hoodwink the court with inaccurate testimony.
6. The hacker wanted to hoodwink users into revealing their passwords.
7. The counterfeit designer bag was meant to hoodwink shoppers.
8. He used misdirection to hoodwink his opponent during the game.
9. The phony psychic claimed to hoodwink spirits into revealing secrets.
10. The scheming villain tried to hoodwink the hero at every turn.
11. She realized too late that he had managed to hoodwink her in their negotiations.
12. The art forger could hoodwink experts with flawless replicas.
13. The imposter managed to hoodwink her way into high society events.
14. They conspired to hoodwink their rivals by stealing their plans.
15. The cunning thief could hoodwink security systems and steal priceless artifacts.
16. The tabloid tried to hoodwink readers with sensationalized stories.
17. He aimed to hoodwink the judges with his fabricated credentials.
18. The manipulative leader wanted to hoodwink his followers into blind loyalty.
19. She vowed never to let anyone hoodwink her again after being conned.
20. The politician's promises were nothing but a way to hoodwink the voters.
21. The employee was caught trying to hoodwink the company out of money.
22. The magician used sleight of hand to hoodwink the audience.
23. The company's advertising campaign was a way to hoodwink consumers into buying their products.
24. The investment scheme was nothing but a way to hoodwink people out of their money.
25. The scam artist was able to hoodwink people into giving them personal information.
26. The hacker used phishing emails to hoodwink people into giving up their login credentials.
27. The fraudster hoodwinked the elderly couple out of their life savings.
28. The company was hoodwinked into paying for a service they didn't need.
29. The politician's speeches were full of promises that were meant to hoodwink the public.
30. The scammer's tactics were designed to hoodwink unsuspecting victims.



deceive, enlighten, inform, clarify


SAT 12 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Deceit and Pretense, Deception and Trickery

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