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How to pronounce hoax (audio)


Dictionary definition of hoax

A deliberately fabricated or misleading scheme or deception designed to trick or fool others.
"The company's promise of a magical weight-loss pill was revealed to be a deceptive hoax."

Detailed meaning of hoax

It involves creating a false story, information, or event with the intent of misleading or deceiving individuals or a larger audience. A hoax is typically intended to provoke a reaction or manipulate people's beliefs and perceptions. It can take various forms, such as a fake news article, a forged document, or a staged event. The purpose of a hoax can range from seeking attention, generating controversy, or advancing a particular agenda. Hoaxes often exploit people's gullibility, playing on their emotions or desire for sensationalism. They can cause confusion, spread misinformation, and undermine trust in reliable sources of information. Identifying and debunking hoaxes is crucial to maintaining an informed and discerning society.

Example sentences containing hoax

1. The news of the alien invasion turned out to be a complete hoax.
2. The celebrity's death announcement was revealed to be a cruel hoax, causing widespread confusion.
3. The viral video claiming to capture a mythical creature was quickly exposed as a hoax.
4. The email claiming to be from a Nigerian prince asking for money turned out to be a well-known scam and hoax.
5. The doomsday prophecy circulating online was dismissed as a baseless hoax by experts.
6. The elaborate ghost sighting turned out to be a clever hoax orchestrated by mischievous teenagers.

History and etymology of hoax

The noun 'hoax' has its origins in the early 18th century, and its etymology is somewhat uncertain. It's believed to have emerged as a slang term, and its exact source remains a subject of debate among linguists. Some theories suggest that 'hoax' may have been influenced by the verb 'hocus,' which was used in the late 17th century to describe the act of tricking or deceiving with sleight of hand or misdirection, often in the context of magic tricks or illusions. Over time, 'hoax' came to describe a deliberately fabricated or misleading scheme or deception designed to trick or fool others. Its etymology reflects the clandestine and deceptive nature of such schemes, which aim to hoodwink or deceive unsuspecting individuals or the public at large.

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Further usage examples of hoax

1. The photograph of a mythical creature that went viral was debunked as a cleverly staged hoax.
2. The online contest promising a luxury vacation prize was uncovered as a hoax to gather personal information.
3. The elaborate treasure map found in the attic was later revealed to be an elaborate hoax.
4. The news article reporting a breakthrough scientific discovery was discovered to be a fabricated hoax.
5. The claim that a popular restaurant was serving exotic meats was exposed as a hoax to generate publicity.
6. The online hoax spread false information about the pandemic.
7. He fell victim to a telephone scam, realizing it was a hoax too late.
8. The UFO sighting turned out to be a well-known hoax.
9. The elaborate treasure map was an elaborate hoax.
10. Detectives worked tirelessly to uncover the financial hoax.
11. The viral social media challenge was revealed as a dangerous hoax.
12. The email claiming he won the lottery was a phishing hoax.
13. She exposed the political smear campaign as a dirty hoax.
14. The mysterious ghost stories were merely a Halloween hoax.
15. The fake psychic's predictions were a lucrative hoax.
16. The celebrity death rumors turned out to be a cruel hoax.
17. The investment scheme turned out to be an elaborate hoax.
18. The news report about a zombie outbreak was a clever hoax.
19. The doomsday prophecy proved to be a baseless hoax.
20. The email from a long-lost relative was a sentimental hoax.
21. The email promising a free vacation was a phishing hoax.
22. The online dating profile was an elaborate romantic hoax.
23. The Ponzi scheme was a financial hoax that cost many their savings.
24. The infamous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast was a historic hoax.
25. The fake celebrity endorsement turned out to be a marketing hoax.

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