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gardening, neglect, abandonment, barrenness


Agriculture and Environment, Care and Nurture, Conservation and Protection, Environmental Concerns and Ecology, Countryside and Weather



How to pronounce horticulture (audio)


Dictionary definition of horticulture

The science and art of growing plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants for human use.
"His passion for horticulture led him to write a book on plant care."

Detailed meaning of horticulture

Horticulture is It includes the cultivation, breeding, and management of plants, as well as the study of their growth, disease, and physiology. Horticulturists work in a variety of settings, such as greenhouses, nurseries, gardens, and orchards. They may also be involved in the design and maintenance of landscaping, as well as in the production of seeds and plant materials. Horticulture is a diverse field that encompasses many subdisciplines, such as plant breeding, plant physiology, landscape design, and crop management. Horticulturists use a variety of techniques to grow plants, such as traditional planting, hydroponics, and biotechnology. Horticulture is an important field that provides food, medicine, and aesthetic pleasure for people, it also has an important role in preserving the biodiversity and ecological balance.

Example sentences containing horticulture

1. She decided to study horticulture to pursue her love of gardening.
2. Horticulture involves the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants.
3. The horticulture club meets every Saturday to tend to the school garden.
4. Horticulture plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture practices.
5. He made a career out of horticulture and now owns a successful nursery.
6. Horticulture enthusiasts often experiment with crossbreeding plants.

History and etymology of horticulture

The noun 'horticulture' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It combines two Latin words: 'hortus,' meaning 'garden,' and 'cultura,' meaning 'cultivation' or 'tending.' The term 'horticulture' emerged in the 17th century and refers to the science and art of growing plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants, for human use and enjoyment. Its Latin origins directly reflect its essence, as it encapsulates the cultivation and care of gardens and cultivated plants. So, when we engage in horticulture, we are essentially continuing the age-old tradition of tending to and nurturing gardens, guided by the Latin roots of 'hortus' and 'cultura.'

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Further usage examples of horticulture

1. The university offers a degree program in horticulture.
2. Horticulture requires a deep understanding of plant biology.
3. The horticulture exhibit at the botanical garden showcased rare and exotic plants.
4. She found solace in horticulture, tending to her plants after a long day.
5. Horticulture involves the art and science of plant cultivation.
6. The horticulture industry contributes significantly to the economy.
7. The conference attracted experts from around the world to discuss horticultural advancements.
8. Horticulture techniques have evolved over centuries.
9. She pursued a horticultural internship to gain hands-on experience.
10. The horticulture department is responsible for maintaining the campus gardens.
11. Horticulture can be a therapeutic hobby for those who love gardening.
12. The study of horticulture includes learning about soil composition and plant diseases.
13. The horticulturalist developed a new method for growing tomatoes in small spaces.
14. The local horticultural society hosts an annual plant sale.
15. Horticulture plays a critical role in addressing food security.
16. He earned a certificate in horticulture to start his own landscaping business.

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