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How to pronounce hurtling (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hurtling

To move or travel at a very high speed, typically in an uncontrolled manner.
"The car was hurtling down the highway at a dangerous speed."

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Detailed meaning of hurtling

It is often used to describe the rapid and forceful movement of an object, such as a vehicle or a projectile. When something is hurtling, it is moving at a great velocity and can create a sense of danger or urgency. For example, a hurtling train, a hurtling car, a hurtling meteor, a hurtling missile. The word can also be used to describe the movement of a person, as in "he was hurtling down the stairs" which implies that the person is moving quickly, and possibly out of control. The word can also be used to convey a sense of recklessness or impulsiveness, as in "she was hurtling headlong into danger".

Example sentences containing hurtling

1. The asteroid was hurtling towards Earth, causing concern among scientists.
2. The train was hurtling towards the station at full speed.
3. The rollercoaster was hurtling through the loops and turns.
4. The bullet was hurtling towards its target at an alarming rate.
5. The skydiver was hurtling towards the ground with no parachute.
6. The storm was hurtling towards the coast, causing evacuation warnings.

History and etymology of hurtling

The adjective 'hurtling' has its roots in the Middle English word 'hurtlen,' which meant 'to collide' or 'to dash violently.' This Middle English term likely originated from the Old French word 'hurter,' meaning 'to strike' or 'to collide,' itself influenced by the Frankish word 'hurtōn,' which had similar meanings. The sense of rapid and uncontrolled motion associated with 'hurtling' emerged from the idea of objects colliding or dashing violently, eventually evolving to describe the act of moving or traveling at a very high speed, often in an uncontrolled or reckless manner, as we understand it today.

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Further usage examples of hurtling

1. The spacecraft was hurtling through the atmosphere on re-entry.
2. The meteor was hurtling through the sky, leaving a trail of fire behind it.
3. The wind was hurtling through the trees, causing branches to break.
4. The river was hurtling over the waterfall, creating a beautiful display of mist and spray.
5. The skier was hurtling down the mountain, trying to beat the clock.
6. The hurtling comet streaked across the night sky.
7. The train was hurtling down the tracks at an alarming speed.
8. He gripped the steering wheel tightly as the car was hurtling towards a collision.
9. The roller coaster sent us hurtling through loops and twists.
10. The hurtling snowflakes obscured our vision while driving.
11. The hurtling spaceship was on a trajectory toward a distant planet.
12. In the hurricane's strong winds, debris was hurtling through the air.
13. The athlete was hurtling over the hurdles with impressive agility.
14. The bobsled team was hurtling down the icy track at breakneck speed.
15. He narrowly avoided the hurtling soccer ball during practice.
16. The hurtling meteorite created a fiery streak across the atmosphere.
17. The hurtling asteroid posed a potential threat to Earth.
18. The hurtling express train made brief stops at major stations.
19. The hurtling leaves in the wind created a mesmerizing dance.
20. The hurtling skier raced down the steep slope with determination.
21. We watched in awe as the hurtling jet broke the sound barrier.
22. The hurtling waters of the waterfall created a deafening roar.
23. She captured a breathtaking photo of the hurtling shooting star.
24. The hurtling debris from the explosion scattered in all directions.
25. The hurtling space probe transmitted valuable data from its mission.



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