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How to pronounce idealization (audio)


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Dictionary definition of idealization

The act or process of regarding someone or something as perfect, ideal, or without flaws.
"His constant idealization of his partner blinded him to her flaws and prevented him from seeing the reality of the relationship."

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Detailed meaning of idealization

It involves the formation of an idealized or romanticized image, perception, or concept that deviates from reality or exaggerates positive qualities. Idealization often occurs when individuals place someone on a pedestal, attributing them with exceptional virtues or qualities that may not necessarily align with the actual person or object. It can be a result of admiration, infatuation, or a desire to project one's hopes, dreams, or ideals onto another person or concept. Idealization can occur in various realms, such as personal relationships, artistic expressions, or societal ideals. While idealization can inspire and motivate, it can also lead to disappointment or disillusionment when the actual person or situation fails to meet the lofty expectations set by the idealized image. Overall, idealization involves the tendency to elevate or idolize someone or something, often imbuing them with qualities that may be exaggerated or detached from reality.

Example sentences containing idealization

1. The poet's work often explored themes of love and idealization.
2. The young girl had an idealization of her favorite superhero, believing they could do no wrong.
3. The artist's painting portrayed a sense of idealization, capturing the beauty of the subject.
4. The documentary shed light on the dangers of media idealization and its impact on self-esteem.
5. The magazine article promoted the idealization of a certain body type, contributing to unhealthy beauty standards.
6. The psychologist discussed the role of idealization in the formation of romantic attachments.

History and etymology of idealization

The noun 'idealization' is directly derived from the word 'ideal,' which has its roots in Late Latin 'idealis' and can be traced back to the Latin term 'idea,' signifying a mental image or concept. This Latin term, in turn, was borrowed from the Greek 'idein,' meaning 'to see' or 'to perceive.' 'Idealization' refers to the act or process of regarding someone or something as perfect, ideal, or without flaws. It embodies the notion of elevating a concept or an individual to an idealized state in one's mind. The etymology of 'idealization' underscores its connection to the concept of abstract mental ideals and the process of envisioning and portraying something or someone in the most positive and flawless light.

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Further usage examples of idealization

1. The novel depicted an idyllic world of idealization and innocence.
2. The advertisement relied on the idealization of a luxurious lifestyle to promote their product.
3. The therapist helped the patient challenge their idealization of perfection and embrace their authentic self.
4. The cult leader's charisma and promises of an idealized existence attracted many followers.
5. The filmmaker's portrayal of a utopian society reflected an idealization of a perfect future.The idealization of celebrities can lead to unrealistic expectations.
6. In literature, idealization often shapes heroic characters.
7. Advertising relies on the idealization of products.
8. The idealization of love can obscure its complexities.
9. Social media perpetuates the idealization of beauty.
10. Idealization in art can convey a sense of perfection.
11. The idealization of the past can cloud historical accuracy.
12. Parental idealization can impact a child's self-esteem.
13. Idealization can hinder personal growth and self-acceptance.
14. Recognizing the flaws in idealization is essential for realism.
15. The idealization of fame can be detrimental to mental health.
16. In psychology, idealization is a defense mechanism.
17. The media often contributes to the idealization of success.
18. An overemphasis on idealization can lead to disappointment.
19. Idealization can distort our perception of reality.
20. Healthy relationships avoid excessive idealization.
21. The art of idealization is prevalent in romantic poetry.
22. Idealization can lead to unattainable standards.
23. Addressing idealization is essential for personal growth.
24. Idealization in art can evoke a sense of wonder and awe.



glorification, disparagement, criticism, denigration


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