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How to pronounce adoration (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'adoration'

A feeling of deep love and admiration for someone or something.
"She looked at him with adoration, her eyes shining with love and affection."

Detailed meaning of 'adoration'

It is an intense form of respect and reverence, often accompanied by feelings of awe and wonder. Adoration can be directed towards a person, such as a parent, a romantic partner, or a religious figure, or it can be directed towards an object or idea, such as a work of art or a religious symbol. It is a positive emotion, characterized by feelings of warmth, tenderness, and devotion. Adoration is often described as an intense and all-consuming emotion, and it can be accompanied by feelings of euphoria, awe and gratitude. It is a deep sense of appreciation and esteem for someone or something.

History and etymology of 'adoration'

The noun 'adoration' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'adoratio,' which is derived from 'adorare,' meaning 'to worship' or 'to pay homage to.' Etymologically, 'adoration' embodies the act of showing deep love and admiration for someone or something through acts of reverence and devotion. This term has been used for centuries to describe the profound and reverent affection one might feel for a deity, an admired person, or an object of great significance. Its etymology highlights the connection between love, admiration, and acts of veneration, making it a fitting word to express the intense feelings of reverence and adoration that people can experience towards various aspects of life.

Example sentences containing 'adoration'

1. The adoration of nature inspired the poet's beautiful verses.
2. The adoration for the team was palpable in the stadium, with fans cheering and waving flags.
3. The actor basked in the adoration of the audience during the standing ovation.
4. The adoration of their loyal customers was the driving force behind the success of the business.
5. The adoration for the religious leader was evident in the large crowds that gathered to hear his teachings.
6. The adoration for the philanthropist grew as people witnessed the positive impact of their charitable efforts.
7. The child's puppy eyes and wagging tail were met with immediate adoration from their new family.
8. The adoration for the author's novels led to long queues at book signings.
9. The adoration of their mentors fueled their determination to succeed.
10. The adoration for their culture and heritage was passed down through generations.
11. The adoration for their favorite sports team was evident in the passionate chants and cheers from the stands.
12. The adoration in her voice as she spoke about her role model was undeniable.
13. The adoration for the historical monument drew tourists from all over the world.
14. The adoration for the legendary musician's talent transcended generations.



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