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How to pronounce illuminati (audio)

Dictionary definition of illuminati

A shadowy group believed to possess extraordinary power, knowledge, and influence over world affairs.
"Some people believe that celebrities are part of the Illuminati and use their fame for hidden purposes."

Detailed meaning of illuminati

The noun "Illuminati" refers to a purported secret society or organization that has been the subject of various conspiracy theories and myths. According to popular theories, the Illuminati is thought to manipulate global events, control governments, and shape society to serve their hidden agenda. Allegedly, this secretive group comprises influential individuals from various fields, such as politics, business, and entertainment. The origins and true nature of the Illuminati remain a subject of speculation and debate, with some considering it a figment of imagination and others asserting its existence as a covert force behind significant events throughout history. It is important to note that the concept of the Illuminati has been sensationalized and sensationalized, often blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

Example sentences containing illuminati

1. The conspiracy theorist claimed that the Illuminati controlled the world's financial systems.
2. The internet is filled with wild speculations about the Illuminati's secret rituals and influence.
3. The Illuminati's alleged symbol, the all-seeing eye, has become iconic in popular culture.
4. She dismissed the idea of the Illuminati as a baseless conspiracy theory.
5. The book delves into the supposed history and activities of the Illuminati.
6. The Illuminati conspiracy gained traction in the late 18th century, thanks to works like "Illuminatus!"
7. The documentary explores the alleged connections between world leaders and the Illuminati.

History and etymology of illuminati

The noun 'illuminati' is rooted in the Latin word 'illuminatus,' which means 'enlightened' or 'illuminated.' Historically, the term 'Illuminati' referred to various groups and societies, such as the Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1776, which aimed to promote Enlightenment ideals and intellectual enlightenment. Over time, particularly in popular culture and conspiracy theories, the term 'Illuminati' has taken on a different meaning. It is often associated with a shadowy and secretive group believed to possess extraordinary power, knowledge, and influence over world affairs. This modern interpretation of the 'Illuminati' is based on conspiracy theories rather than historical fact. Nevertheless, the etymology of 'illuminati' highlights its original association with the idea of enlightenment and intellectual progress, contrasting with the contemporary notion of a secretive and powerful cabal.

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Further usage examples of illuminati

1. Many dismiss claims of the Illuminati as nothing more than urban legends and myths.
2. The Illuminati-themed party was a hit, with attendees dressing up in mysterious costumes.
3. He accused his rivals of being part of the Illuminati, trying to undermine his success.
4. The secret society known as the Illuminati continues to captivate the imaginations of many.
5. The existence of the Illuminati remains a popular conspiracy theory.
6. Some people believe that the Illuminati controls global events.
7. Conspiracy theorists often claim the Illuminati's involvement.
8. The Illuminati is said to have secretive meetings worldwide.
9. Many famous figures have been rumored to be part of the Illuminati.
10. The Illuminati's alleged symbols are hidden in plain sight.
11. The internet is full of wild theories about the Illuminati.
12. Books and movies often explore the concept of the Illuminati.
13. Some argue that the Illuminati has a hidden agenda.
14. The Illuminati supposedly manipulates world governments.
15. Illuminati rumors have persisted for centuries.
16. The Illuminati's power is shrouded in mystery.
17. Conspiracy documentaries often focus on the Illuminati.
18. Pop culture references the Illuminati in various ways.
19. People claim the Illuminati controls the entertainment industry.
20. There is no concrete evidence proving the Illuminati's existence.
21. Some say the Illuminati seeks to establish a New World Order.
22. The Illuminati is a subject of fascination for some.
23. Critics dismiss the idea of the Illuminati as pure fantasy.
24. Belief in the Illuminati varies widely among individuals.



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