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How to pronounce imposing (audio)

Dictionary definition of imposing

Commanding attention, respect, or admiration due to their impressive or intimidating appearance, size, or presence.
"The imposing presence of the professional athlete on the field inspired his teammates and struck fear into the hearts of his opponents."

Detailed meaning of imposing

An imposing entity possesses a certain grandeur, strength, or authority that elicits a sense of awe or reverence. Whether referring to a towering skyscraper, a majestic mountain range, or an individual with an imposing personality, this adjective suggests a powerful and formidable nature that demands recognition and leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter it. The sheer scale, stature, or force associated with the object or person labeled as imposing conveys a sense of significance and dominance that sets them apart from their surroundings, making them impossible to ignore or overlook.

Example sentences containing imposing

1. The CEO's imposing presence commanded the attention of everyone in the boardroom.
2. The imposing castle stood proudly on top of the hill, its towering walls casting a shadow over the surrounding countryside.
3. As I walked into the art gallery, the imposing sculpture in the center of the room captivated my gaze with its sheer size and intricate details.
4. The imposing thunderstorm approached rapidly, dark clouds rolling in and filling the sky with an ominous presence.
5. The imposing entrance to the ancient temple was adorned with intricate carvings, creating a sense of reverence and awe in all who approached.
6. The imposing mountain range stood as a natural barrier, its jagged peaks and steep cliffs creating a formidable challenge for any adventurer.

History and etymology of imposing

The adjective 'imposing' is derived from the verb 'impose,' which, as mentioned earlier, originates from the Latin word 'imponere,' meaning 'to place upon.' 'Imposing' refers to something or someone that commands attention, respect, or admiration due to their impressive or intimidating appearance, size, or presence. When we describe something as 'imposing,' we are emphasizing its ability to figuratively or literally 'place itself upon' our awareness or consciousness, making a significant and often powerful impact. The etymology of 'imposing' underscores its association with the act of asserting influence or making a strong impression, highlighting its role in describing things or individuals that demand attention and respect through their sheer presence or grandeur.

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Further usage examples of imposing

1. The imposing figure of the bouncer at the club intimidated even the rowdiest patrons, maintaining order with a stern expression and a muscular build.
2. The imposing architecture of the cathedral was a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the builders, its ornate spires reaching towards the heavens.
3. The imposing warship glided through the waters, its massive hull and powerful weaponry showcasing its dominance on the seas.
4. The imposing judge entered the courtroom, exuding an aura of authority and demanding respect from all present.
5. The imposing tree in the park provided a cool shade beneath its broad branches, offering a peaceful refuge from the scorching sun.
6. The imposing statue stood tall, a beacon of the city's glorious past.
7. Amidst petite cottages, the imposing castle was a sight to behold.
8. An imposing mountain range shadowed our quaint little village.
9. The library's imposing architecture left visitors in awe.
10. His imposing stature commanded respect in every room.
11. The knight's imposing presence silenced the bustling tavern.
12. With imposing grace, the ballet dancer took the stage.
13. In the forest, an imposing oak tree stood centuries old.
14. Among ruins, an imposing temple alone remained intact.
15. The queen's imposing gaze silenced the uproarious crowd.
16. That imposing skyline is synonymous with New York City.
17. An imposing fortress overlooked the tranquil European village.
18. The artist’s imposing masterpiece garnered international acclaim.
19. Amidst whispers, his imposing voice echoed with authority.
20. The team’s imposing performance promised a season of victories.
21. With imposing cliffs, the coastline stood fierce and grand.
22. At the parade, the general’s imposing mien shone bright.
23. The imposing cathedral’s beauty brought visitors to their knees.
24. Amidst the rubble, an imposing wall bore history's scars.



impressive, unimpressive, insignificant, unremarkable


Prefix im-, ACT 13 (American College Testing), Admiration and Respect, Aesthetic and Appearance

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