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Definition of 'formidable'

Inspiring fear, awe, or admiration due to someone or something's impressive or imposing qualities.
"The mountain range presented a formidable challenge for the hikers."

Detailed Meaning of 'formidable'

The adjective "formidable" is used to describe something that inspires fear, awe, or admiration due to its impressive or imposing qualities. When something is characterized as formidable, it implies a sense of power, strength, or excellence that can be both intimidating and impressive. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a formidable opponent in sports or a formidable challenge that demands great skill and determination to overcome. It can also describe formidable intellectual abilities, formidable natural forces like storms, or formidable obstacles that require significant effort to conquer. "Formidable" underscores the idea of something being formidable, formidable in its capacity to command respect and attention, often because of its considerable strength, size, or complexity.


Examples of 'formidable' in a Sentence

1. The army faced a formidable enemy on the battlefield, requiring careful strategy.
2. Her formidable intellect and analytical skills made her a respected scientist.
3. The athlete's training regimen was so intense that she became a formidable competitor.
4. The mountain range presented a formidable challenge for the climbers.
5. The lawyer's formidable arguments convinced the jury of her client's innocence.
6. The storm unleashed a formidable display of lightning and thunder.

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Origins & Etymology of 'formidable'

The adjective 'formidable' has its etymological origins in Latin and French. It comes from the Latin word 'formidabilis,' which means 'fearful' or 'dreadful,' derived from 'formido,' meaning 'fear.' In Old French, it evolved into 'formidable,' retaining its sense of inspiring fear or dread. In English, 'formidable' is used to describe someone or something that is impressive or imposing, often to the extent that it inspires fear, awe, or admiration. This term conveys a sense of respect and reverence for the strength, power, or capabilities of the subject in question. A formidable opponent, for example, is one who commands respect and may be challenging to overcome due to their impressive qualities or abilities.

How to pronounce formidable (audio)


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