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endlessly, temporarily, briefly, momentarily


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How to pronounce indefinitely (audio)


Dictionary definition of indefinitely

Lacking a specific or predetermined limit in terms of time, duration, or extent.
"The company decided to put the project on hold indefinitely."

Detailed meaning of indefinitely

It denotes a situation or condition that continues without a fixed endpoint or a definite timeframe. When something is said to be happening indefinitely, it implies an ongoing, often uncertain, and potentially perpetual state, without a clear resolution or finality. This term is frequently used in various contexts, such as in commitments, suspensions, or extensions, where the exact duration or endpoint remains undefined. In essence, "indefinitely" points to a sense of open-endedness, suggesting that the described condition or action will persist for an unspecified period, without a foreseeable conclusion or restriction.

Example sentences containing indefinitely

1. The company has indefinitely postponed the launch of its new product.
2. Due to the ongoing pandemic, travel restrictions have been extended indefinitely.
3. The construction project has been put on hold indefinitely.
4. The negotiations between the two parties have reached a stalemate indefinitely.
5. The museum will remain closed indefinitely for renovations.
6. The government has indefinitely suspended the implementation of the new policy.

History and etymology of indefinitely

The adverb 'indefinitely' has its etymological roots in Latin and Old French. It is formed from the Latin word 'indefinitus,' which combines 'in-' (meaning 'not') and 'definitus' (meaning 'limited' or 'defined'). This Latin term was later adopted into Old French as 'indefinit,' and from there, it evolved into the English 'indefinitely.' Therefore, 'indefinitely' etymologically signifies 'not limited' or 'without a defined boundary.' In modern usage, 'indefinitely' describes something that lacks a specific or predetermined limit in terms of time, duration, or extent. The etymology of 'indefinitely' underscores the notion of something being open-ended and unrestricted, emphasizing the absence of a clear and defined boundary or limit.

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Further usage examples of indefinitely

1. The judge has decided to postpone the trial indefinitely.
2. The employees have been instructed to work from home indefinitely.
3. The concert has been postponed indefinitely due to unforeseen circumstances.
4. The city council has indefinitely delayed the proposed infrastructure project.
5. The restaurant has closed indefinitely due to a lack of customers.
6. The team's star player has been sidelined indefinitely due to an injury.
7. The park will remain closed indefinitely to prevent the spread of a contagious disease.
8. The project's timeline has been extended indefinitely to allow for additional research.
9. The company has put a hiring freeze in place indefinitely.
10. The school has postponed the start of the academic year indefinitely.
11. The event has been canceled indefinitely due to logistical issues.
12. The product launch has been postponed indefinitely pending further testing.
13. The company has indefinitely halted production of a certain product line.
14. The road closure has been extended indefinitely due to ongoing construction work.

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