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How to pronounce indigence (audio)


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Dictionary definition of indigence

A state of extreme poverty or financial hardship, in which a person is unable to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing.
"The homeless shelter provides a temporary refuge for those facing indigence."

Detailed meaning of indigence

Indigence is often characterized by a lack of resources, including money, education, and job opportunities. Those living in indigence may also experience social exclusion, discrimination, and limited access to healthcare or other essential services. Indigence is a pervasive issue in many parts of the world, affecting individuals and families of all backgrounds. Governments, non-profit organizations, and community groups often work to address indigence by providing financial assistance, job training, and other support services to those in need. Overall, indigence is a difficult and challenging circumstance, and efforts to alleviate it require both individual and collective action.

Example sentences containing indigence

1. The charity organization aims to alleviate indigence in the community through its support programs.
2. She grew up in a neighborhood where indigence was prevalent, motivating her to pursue social work.
3. The government's initiatives to combat indigence have shown positive results in reducing poverty rates.
4. Many families in the region face the harsh realities of indigence, struggling to meet basic needs.
5. The documentary shed light on the indigence experienced by marginalized communities around the world.
6. Despite the challenges of indigence, she remained resilient and determined to improve her circumstances.

History and etymology of indigence

The noun 'indigence' has its origins in Latin, particularly from the word 'indigentia,' which is derived from 'indigens,' the present participle of 'indigere.' 'Indigere' is formed from 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'egere,' meaning 'to need' or 'to lack.' Therefore, the etymology of 'indigence' conveys the idea of a state in which one 'does not lack' or 'is not in need,' ironically signifying a condition of extreme poverty or financial hardship. It describes a situation in which a person is unable to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing, emphasizing the absence of resources or the means to fulfill essential requirements for survival. 'Indigence' underscores the dire circumstances faced by individuals or communities who lack the financial means to secure their fundamental necessities.

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Further usage examples of indigence

1. The philanthropist dedicated his life to eradicating indigence and uplifting impoverished communities.
2. The indigence of the homeless population highlights the urgent need for affordable housing solutions.
3. Education can be a powerful tool to break the cycle of indigence and empower individuals.
4. The novel explored the depths of human suffering caused by indigence and social inequality.
5. The organization provides vocational training to help individuals escape the cycle of indigence.
6. Lack of access to healthcare perpetuates indigence, as many cannot afford essential medical services.
7. The community rallied together to support families in indigence during times of crisis.
8. The government implemented policies to address the root causes of indigence and foster economic growth.
9. The indigence experienced by senior citizens highlights the importance of robust social security systems.
10. The artist used his platform to raise awareness about indigence and advocate for change.
11. The novel depicted the stark realities of indigence, portraying the resilience and strength of those affected.
12. The organization offers microloans to individuals in indigence, empowering them to start their own businesses.
13. Poverty and indigence are not insurmountable challenges, but they require collective effort to overcome.
14. The indigence index provides valuable data to policymakers, enabling them to target resources effectively.
15. The charity aimed to provide relief for those living in indigence.
16. The government program aimed to reduce the number of people living in indigence.
17. The community rallied together to help a family facing indigence after a fire destroyed their home.
18. The non-profit organization aims to address the root causes of indigence in the community.
19. The filmmaker's documentary shed light on the experiences of those living in indigence.
20. The pandemic has increased the number of people facing indigence.
21. The politician proposed new policies to alleviate indigence and poverty in the country.
22. The volunteer work at the food bank helped feed those facing indigence.
23. The novel explored the harsh realities of life in indigence.
24. The artist's work raised awareness about the challenges faced by those living in indigence.
25. The social worker helped connect families facing indigence with resources and support.



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