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How to pronounce inedible (audio)

Dictionary definition of inedible

Not suitable or safe to be eaten due to its unpleasant taste, toxicity, or lack of nutritional value.
"The warning label clearly stated that the product was inedible and should not be ingested."

Detailed meaning of inedible

When an item is deemed inedible, it implies that consuming it could result in negative consequences for one's health or well-being. Inedible substances may include certain plants, animals, or food products that are poisonous, indigestible, or simply unappetizing. It is essential to differentiate inedible items from edible ones to prevent accidental ingestion or potential harm. The term "inedible" serves as a warning or classification to discourage people from consuming something that could be harmful, unpalatable, or lacking the necessary nutrients for sustenance.

Example sentences containing inedible

1. The inedible mushroom should never be consumed as it is toxic.
2. The dog quickly learned that the houseplant was inedible after a single taste.
3. The rock was inedible, causing the child to spit it out immediately.
4. The chef accidentally added inedible ingredients to the dish, rendering it inedible.
5. The raw and uncooked meat was inedible and needed to be properly cooked.
6. The bitter taste of the inedible fruit made it unappealing to eat.

History and etymology of inedible

The adjective 'inedible' can be traced back to its Latin origins. It is formed from the Latin prefix 'in-' (meaning 'not') and the word 'edibilis,' derived from 'edere' (meaning 'to eat'). Therefore, the etymology of 'inedible' signifies something that is not fit or appropriate for consumption. Originally, it described food or substances that were considered unsuitable or unsafe to eat due to factors like unpleasant taste, toxicity, or lack of nutritional value. Over time, the term has retained its core meaning, referring to items that are inedible because they do not meet the criteria for safe or palatable consumption, as we understand it in modern language.

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Further usage examples of inedible

1. Despite its vibrant color, the plastic fruit decoration was inedible.
2. The expired milk had a foul odor and was definitely inedible.
3. The inedible weeds growing in the garden needed to be removed to prevent accidental consumption.
4. The packaging of the household cleaner explicitly stated that it was toxic and inedible.
5. The burnt cookies turned out to be inedible, disappointing the baker.
6. The rotten fruit smelled so foul; it was clearly inedible and harmful to consume.
7. "This plant is inedible," warned the guide, noting its toxic, brightly-colored berries.
8. I mistook the inedible berries for grapes and nearly poisoned myself - a close call!
9. Once cooked, the odor revealed the mushrooms were undoubtedly inedible and dangerous.
10. They identified the inedible plants, marking them with a bright, warning red tag.
11. Unfortunately, the colorful fish we caught turned out to be beautiful but inedible.
12. The cake was burnt to a crisp, its outside blackened and entirely inedible.
13. "Some bright flowers are inedible," the botanist explained, plucking a toxic bloom.
14. Despite their inviting aroma, these wild berries are sadly inedible and even toxic.
15. Be careful while foraging; it's easy to mistake edible mushrooms for inedible ones.
16. The smell was a telltale sign; the meat had spoiled and become inedible.
17. Covered in mold, the bread was now a green, inedible mass to be discarded.
18. "Avoid the shiny leaves; those plants are inedible," our instructor pointed out.
19. I learnt the hard way that those bright red berries are highly inedible.
20. Among the edible flora, we discovered a few inedible species, toxic to humans.
21. The fruit, though alluring with its vivid hue, was disappointingly inedible.
22. As a forager, knowing the distinction between edible and inedible plants is crucial.
23. Despite their tempting look, many wild mushrooms are dangerous and inedible.
24. I was disheartened to learn the vibrant, tropical fruits were inedible.
25. The meal looked appetizing but the taste confirmed that it was utterly inedible.



unpalatable, edible, palatable, tasty


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