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How to pronounce toxic (audio)

Dictionary definition of toxic

Harmful, poisonous, or detrimental to living organisms, well-being, or the environment.
"He finally decided to end the toxic relationship for the sake of his mental well-being."

Detailed meaning of toxic

It indicates the presence of substances, behaviors, or conditions that can cause severe damage, illness, or negative effects. When something is described as toxic, it suggests that it has the potential to cause harm or be destructive, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially. It can apply to various aspects, such as toxic substances that are poisonous when ingested, toxic relationships characterized by emotional abuse or manipulation, or toxic environments that are hazardous or detrimental to health. The term "toxic" conveys a sense of danger, warning individuals to avoid or mitigate exposure to the harmful effects associated with it. It is often used metaphorically to describe situations or interactions that are highly detrimental, unhealthy, or detrimental to one's well-being.

Example sentences containing toxic

1. The toxic fumes filled the room, causing panic and instant evacuation efforts.
2. Toxic waste contaminates our oceans, killing marine life at an alarming rate.
3. Avoid the plant; it secretes a toxic substance harmful to kids and pets alike.
4. After the spill, the lake’s water became toxic, unfit for consumption or use.
5. The toxic air quality caused schools and businesses to shut down immediately.
6. Exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to severe health issues and diseases.

History and etymology of toxic

The adjective 'toxic' is derived from the Greek word 'toxikon pharmakon,' which refers to a poison used on arrows. This term evolved through Latin as 'toxicum,' signifying poison or venom. The concept of 'toxic' being harmful, poisonous, or detrimental to living organisms, well-being, or the environment stems from its historical association with substances used in weaponry and its deadly effects. Over time, 'toxic' has come to encompass any substance or situation that poses a danger or harm to living organisms and their surroundings.

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Further usage examples of toxic

1. The toxic environment at work affected employees' mental and physical health.
2. Toxic pesticides jeopardize pollinators, leading to decreased food production.
3. The fish, tainted by the toxic water, floated to the surface, lifeless and pale.
4. The toxic gas leak in the city prompted an urgent warning to stay indoors.
5. After the storm, toxic sludge polluted streets, posing serious health risks.
6. The toxic relationship drained her spirit, leaving a shell of her former self.
7. Toxic fumes from factories contribute significantly to global air pollution.
8. Amid toxic smog, the city's residents suffered respiratory and eye problems.
9. Governments must address the disposal of toxic waste to protect public health.
10. The landfill, filled with toxic debris, is a silent killer of the ecosystem.
11. Toxic beauty products with harsh chemicals can damage skin and hair severely.
12. The garden’s toxic plants are beautiful but can be deadly if ingested.
13. The toxic culture of the company led to a high turnover and low morale.
14. He realized too late the berries were toxic, as a numbing spread through him.
15. The toxic emissions from vehicles exacerbate the city's air pollution crisis.
16. In the toxic haze, visibility was low, and breathing became a painful task.
17. The toxic algae bloom made the lake's water a dangerous, noxious soup.
18. Toxic metals in the soil stunted the growth of plants, causing them to wither.
19. The forest, once lush, was dying due to the toxic pollutants in the air.
20. By ingesting the toxic plant, the animal fell ill and struggled to breathe.
21. Cities must combat toxic smog to ensure citizens breathe clean, safe air.
22. The river, tainted by toxic runoff, flowed with a sinister, murky hue.
23. The toxic workspace not only hindered productivity but also well-being.
24. Toxic substances in our food supply threaten human and environmental health.



poisonous, harmless, safe, benign


ACT 14 (American College Testing), Environmental Concerns and Ecology, Harmful and Detrimental

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