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How to pronounce inequality (audio)

Dictionary definition of inequality

The state or condition of being unequal or lacking fairness in the distribution of resources, opportunities, rights, or privileges among individuals or groups within a society.
"The widening income inequality is a growing concern for policymakers."

Detailed meaning of inequality

It signifies a disparity or gap that exists in various aspects, such as income, wealth, education, healthcare, and social status. Inequality often results from systemic and structural factors, including economic policies, social norms, discrimination, and historical disadvantages. It can lead to significant social, economic, and political consequences, as it hampers equal access to resources, limits upward mobility, and perpetuates social divisions. Addressing inequality requires efforts to promote equal opportunities, equitable distribution of resources, and the dismantling of discriminatory practices, with the aim of fostering a more just and inclusive society for all.

Example sentences containing inequality

1. Gender inequality persists in many workplaces, despite progress in recent years.
2. Educational inequality deprives certain communities of equal access to quality education.
3. The social inequality between the rich and the poor is stark in this city.
4. Racial inequality remains a deeply rooted issue that needs to be addressed.
5. Income inequality can lead to social unrest and instability in societies.
6. Health inequality is evident in the unequal distribution of healthcare services.

History and etymology of inequality

The noun 'inequality' has its roots in the Latin language. It is formed from the Latin word 'inequalitas,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'aequalis' (meaning 'equal'). Thus, the etymology of 'inequality' conveys the idea of a lack of equality or fairness. Originally, it described the state or condition of being unequal in various aspects, such as the distribution of resources, opportunities, rights, or privileges among individuals or groups within a society. Over time, the term has evolved to encompass the broader concept of disparities and lack of fairness in society, making it a central term in discussions about social justice and equity.

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Further usage examples of inequality

1. Educational opportunities should be equalized to tackle educational inequality.
2. The gap in wealth inequality continues to widen, exacerbating social divisions.
3. Systemic inequality perpetuates the cycle of poverty for marginalized communities.
4. Policies should be implemented to reduce income inequality and promote social mobility.
5. The fight against inequality requires collective action and systemic change.
6. Economic inequality can lead to social unrest and political instability.
7. Gender inequality remains a significant issue in many workplaces.
8. Education is often seen as a key tool for reducing inequality.
9. Racial inequality persists in many aspects of our society.
10. Income inequality is a growing concern for policymakers.
11. Inequality in healthcare access can have dire consequences.
12. Wealth inequality is a major driver of societal disparities.
13. Addressing inequality requires systemic change and policies.
14. Inequality in access to clean water affects vulnerable communities.
15. Inequality of opportunity can hinder social mobility.
16. Environmental inequality often affects marginalized communities.
17. Housing inequality is a pressing urban challenge.
18. Technology can exacerbate inequality if not used wisely.
19. Inequality can lead to feelings of resentment and frustration.
20. Inequality in legal representation can impact justice.
21. Inequality in resource allocation can breed conflict.
22. Income inequality can strain social cohesion.
23. Inequality in access to education perpetuates disparities.
24. Inequality in the distribution of wealth is widening.
25. Tackling inequality requires a multi-faceted approach.



disparity, equality, fairness, justice


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