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How to pronounce infamous (audio)

Dictionary definition of infamous

Well-known for having a bad reputation or being held in disrepute.
"The sinking of the Titanic is infamous for the tragic loss of life that occurred."

Detailed meaning of infamous

It is used to describe people, actions, or things that are widely considered to be morally or legally wrong, corrupt, or scandalous. Infamy is often associated with a high level of notoriety, meaning that the person or thing is widely known and talked about, but in a negative manner. For example, a person may be infamous for committing a heinous crime, or an event may be infamous for causing widespread harm or devastation. The term can also be used to describe things that are not necessarily harmful but are widely known for being of poor quality or being unsuccessful. In general, the term implies a negative or shameful connotation.

Example sentences containing infamous

1. Ted Bundy is an infamous serial killer who terrorized the United States in the 1970s.
2. The Watergate scandal is infamous for its political corruption and cover-up.
3. John Wilkes Booth is infamous for assassinating President Abraham Lincoln.
4. The Salem Witch Trials are infamous for their wrongful persecution and execution of innocent people.
5. The Alcatraz Island prison is infamous for being nearly impossible to escape from.
6. The Black Plague is infamous for causing millions of deaths in medieval Europe.

History and etymology of infamous

The adjective 'infamous' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'infamis,' which is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'fama,' meaning 'fame' or 'reputation.' This etymological construction effectively conveys the idea of someone or something being 'not famous' or 'without a good reputation.' Over time, 'infamous' evolved to describe individuals or things that are well-known, but not for positive reasons; they are renowned for their bad reputation, disrepute, or notorious deeds. Thus, the etymology of 'infamous' underscores the contrast between fame and a negative reputation, highlighting its association with notoriety and infamy.

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Further usage examples of infamous

1. The Jonestown Massacre is infamous for the cult leader's mass suicide and murder of over 900 people.
2. The Enron scandal is infamous for its fraudulent accounting practices and subsequent bankruptcy.
3. The Manson Family is infamous for their gruesome murders and cult-like activities.
4. Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, is infamous for his brutal and sadistic rule over Wallachia.
5. Richard Nixon is infamous for his involvement in the Watergate scandal and subsequent resignation from the presidency.
6. The criminal mastermind was infamous for his audacious heists.
7. Her infamous betrayal left a trail of broken friendships.
8. The haunted house is infamous for its chilling ghost stories.
9. That politician is infamous for his corruption scandals.
10. The haunted hotel is infamous for its eerie atmosphere.
11. The infamous pirate terrorized the seas for years.
12. The abandoned asylum is infamous for its dark history.
13. His infamous temper made him difficult to work with.
14. The cult leader is infamous for brainwashing his followers.
15. The haunted forest is infamous for its mysterious disappearances.
16. The infamous gang controlled the city's criminal underworld.
17. The cursed mansion is infamous for its tragic past.
18. The serial killer is infamous for his gruesome crimes.
19. The haunted graveyard is infamous for its restless spirits.
20. The dictator is infamous for his brutal regime.
21. The cursed artifact is infamous for bringing misfortune.
22. The infamous scandal rocked the political world.
23. The haunted shipwreck is infamous for its ghostly crew.
24. The cult's rituals are infamous for their bizarre nature.
25. The abandoned prison is infamous for its harsh conditions.
26. The infamous mob boss ruled through fear and violence.
27. The cursed painting is infamous for its eerie effects.
28. The haunted tunnel is infamous for its ghostly apparitions.
29. The infamous con artist fooled many with his scams.
30. The cursed amulet is infamous for its deadly curses.



notorious, reputable, respected, honored


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