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Definition of 'infernal'

Associated with hell, the underworld, or intense heat and flames.
"The infernal heat of the desert was unbearable for the travelers."

Detailed Meaning of 'infernal'

It carries a sense of extreme negativity, wickedness, or maliciousness. Infernal is often used to describe things that are diabolical, devilish, or possessing qualities that evoke a sense of hellish torment. It can refer to actions, events, or beings that are deemed evil, cruel, or relentlessly destructive. Additionally, infernal can also describe intense heat or an unbearable level of discomfort, such as scorching temperatures or excruciating pain. Its usage conveys a strong sense of negativity and may invoke imagery of darkness, fire, or eternal damnation.


Examples of 'infernal' in a Sentence

1. His new neighbor played infernal music loudly, keeping him up all night.
2. She struggled to silence the infernal beeping of the smoke alarm.
3. The villain in the movie used an infernal machine to try to take over the world.
4. The infernal traffic made her late for the most important meeting of her career.
5. With the infernal ringing in his ears, he knew he had to see a doctor about his tinnitus.
6. The infernal complexity of the puzzle left everyone frustrated and bewildered.

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Origins & Etymology of 'infernal'

The adjective 'infernal' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'infernales,' which is derived from 'infernas' and 'infernum.' These Latin terms are related to 'inferus,' meaning 'below' or 'underneath.' Therefore, the etymology of 'infernal' is closely connected to things that are associated with the underworld or hell, as these places were traditionally considered to be beneath the earth's surface. Over time, 'infernal' expanded its meaning to include anything related to intense heat, flames, or something that is exceedingly unpleasant or difficult to endure, aligning with the idea of hellish conditions. This term retains its association with hell, the underworld, and extreme heat in modern usage.


How to pronounce infernal (audio)


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