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How to pronounce infinite (audio)


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Dictionary definition of infinite

Limitless, boundless, or without an end or boundary.
"The starry night sky seemed to stretch into infinite darkness."

Detailed meaning of infinite

It denotes an immeasurable or uncountable extent, duration, or quantity. When we say something is infinite, we imply that it goes on forever or extends indefinitely in space, time, or magnitude. It signifies an absence of constraints, restrictions, or limitations, suggesting an endless or eternal nature. The concept of infinity is often associated with vastness, immensity, and incomprehensibility. It can apply to various domains such as mathematics, where infinite numbers and sets exist, or to abstract ideas like the infinite possibilities of the universe. The notion of infinity provokes contemplation, awe, and a sense of the profound, emphasizing the vastness and unknowability that extends beyond our finite human understanding.

Example sentences containing infinite

1. The night sky was filled with an infinite number of twinkling stars.
2. Her love for him seemed infinite, never wavering.
3. The possibilities for exploration in the universe are infinite.
4. The artist's imagination knew no bounds; it was an infinite source of inspiration.
5. The concept of time can be difficult to grasp, as it seems infinite.
6. The mathematician pondered the infinite nature of numbers and infinity itself.

History and etymology of infinite

The adjective 'infinite' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'infinitus,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'finitus' (meaning 'limited' or 'bounded'). Therefore, the etymology of 'infinite' essentially means 'not limited' or 'without bounds.' Originally, it described something that was immeasurable, boundless, or without an end or boundary, conveying the idea of limitlessness. Over time, the term has retained this fundamental meaning, representing something that is beyond measure, without constraints, and limitless, as we understand it in contemporary language.

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Further usage examples of infinite

1. The ocean's vastness gave a sense of infinite expanse.
2. The storyteller weaved a tale of infinite wonder and enchantment.
3. The bond between the siblings was infinite; they would always be there for each other.
4. The philosopher contemplated the infinite nature of the human spirit.
5. The child's curiosity seemed infinite; they always had questions and wanted to learn more.
6. The desert seemed to stretch on infinitely, with no end in sight.
7. The concept of eternity is often associated with the idea of infinite time.
8. The beauty of nature's landscapes is infinite, always changing and captivating.
9. The depth of his knowledge seemed infinite; he was a true scholar.
10. The possibilities in the digital world are infinite, limited only by our imagination.
11. The universe is an infinite tapestry of galaxies, stars, and planets.
12. The love for music is infinite, resonating with people from all walks of life.
13. The scientist marveled at the infinite complexities of the human brain.
14. The feeling of joy when surrounded by loved ones can seem infinite in its warmth.
15. Love has the power to create an infinite bond between two souls.
16. The universe is believed to be infinite, with countless galaxies and stars.
17. The mathematician was fascinated by the concept of infinite series.
18. Her curiosity was infinite, always seeking new knowledge and experiences.
19. The artist's imagination knew no bounds, generating infinite creative possibilities.
20. Time felt infinite as they got lost in deep conversation.
21. The child's laughter was infectious, spreading infinite joy throughout the room.
22. The ocean's vastness appeared infinite, merging with the horizon.
23. The beauty of a sunset can evoke a sense of infinite tranquility.
24. The writer found solace in the infinite worlds and characters created through storytelling.
25. The bonds of friendship can last an infinite lifetime.



endless, finite, limited, bounded


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