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How to pronounce perpetual (audio)


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Dictionary definition of perpetual

Continuous, ongoing, or never-ending.
"The perpetual gloominess of the weather made it difficult to enjoy the outdoors."


Detailed meaning of perpetual

It can be used to describe a process, action, or state that is persistent or repeated without interruption. For example, a perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can run indefinitely without the need for external energy input. The word "perpetual" can also be used to describe things that seem to never change, such as a perpetual smile or a perpetual state of happiness. When something is described as perpetual, it implies a sense of constant motion or activity that is sustained over time. The word is often used in a positive context, suggesting a sense of vitality or energy, but can also be used to describe things that are monotonous or tiresome. The word "perpetual" is derived from the Latin word "perpetuus," which means continuous or uninterrupted.

Example sentences containing perpetual

1. Her perpetual optimism brightens even the darkest days.
2. The world seemed caught in a perpetual cycle of conflict.
3. The ticking of the old clock created a sense of perpetual rhythm.
4. His perpetual tardiness was the source of constant frustration for the team.
5. The student's perpetual curiosity was a sign of a promising scholar.
6. The garden presented a perpetual bloom of colors throughout the year.

History and etymology of perpetual

The adjective 'perpetual' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'perpetuus,' which combines 'per,' meaning 'through,' and 'petere,' meaning 'to seek' or 'to go forward.' 'Perpetuus' originally conveyed the idea of something that continues to move forward or endure without interruption. As Latin evolved into Old French and, subsequently, Middle English, 'perpetual' emerged to describe something that is continuous, ongoing, or never-ending. It emphasizes the notion of unceasing duration or persistence. The etymology of 'perpetual' reflects its historical association with the concept of uninterrupted and continuous existence, making it a fundamental term to describe things that endure indefinitely.

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Further usage examples of perpetual

1. The noise from the construction site felt like a perpetual headache.
2. His fascination with space was a perpetual source of inspiration for him.
3. In their relationship, there was a perpetual need for compromise.
4. The villagers lived under the perpetual threat of floods during the monsoon season.
5. The city's perpetual hustle and bustle kept him awake at night.
6. She felt stuck in a perpetual loop of disappointments.
7. The dog's perpetual loyalty to its owner was heartwarming.
8. The old lighthouse was a perpetual beacon of hope for sailors.
9. The stars offer a perpetual spectacle of beauty each night.
10. He had a perpetual thirst for knowledge that kept him reading late into the night.
11. The meeting felt like a perpetual waste of time with no concrete decisions being made.
12. In the far north, summer brings perpetual daylight that lasts for months.
13. Their love story was a perpetual reminder of the power of deep connection.
14. Amidst the chaos, her perpetual calmness was truly admirable.



everlasting, temporary, transient, fleeting


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