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embed, eradicate, eliminate, remove


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How to pronounce ingrain (audio)


Dictionary definition of ingrain

To firmly establish or deeply embed something, such as a belief, habit, or characteristic, into one's mind, behavior, or the fabric of a society.
"They are trying to ingrain a sense of discipline in the new recruits."

Detailed meaning of ingrain

When something is ingrained, it becomes an integral part of a person's identity or a culture's collective consciousness, often to the point where it is difficult to change or remove. Ingraining can occur through repetition, education, upbringing, or long-standing traditions. It involves a profound and lasting impact, shaping individuals' perspectives and actions, and influencing the overall mindset and values of a community. Ingrained ideas or behaviors tend to be deeply rooted and resistant to modification or alteration without significant effort or external influences.

Example sentences containing ingrain

1. To ingrain this knowledge, she reviews her notes every night.
2. The mentor aims to ingrain leadership skills in the team.
3. Teachers should ingrain a love of learning in students.
4. The training program will ingrain vital safety procedures.
5. The seminar helped ingrain new networking strategies in the participants.
6. The program ingrain habits of critical thinking in the students.

History and etymology of ingrain

The verb 'ingrain' has its etymological roots in the English language, specifically in the Old English word 'ingraegnan.' This term is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'in' or 'into') and 'graegnan' (meaning 'to dye' or 'to color'). Therefore, the etymology of 'ingrain' essentially means 'to dye or color something within.' Originally, it was used to describe the process of dyeing or coloring textiles, particularly by saturating the color deep into the fibers. Over time, the term took on a metaphorical sense, signifying the action of firmly establishing or deeply embedding something, such as a belief, habit, or characteristic, into one's mind, behavior, or the social fabric of a society, akin to the way dye penetrates and becomes an integral part of a fabric. This metaphorical sense is the one we commonly use today to describe deeply ingrained aspects of our culture, behavior, or thinking.

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Further usage examples of ingrain

1. Through practice, she hopes to ingrain her new piano piece into her memory.
2. By using it daily, he is trying to ingrain the new software into his routine.
3. She plans to ingrain sustainability concepts into her company’s policies.
4. The sports coach is striving to ingrain a team spirit among the players.
5. It is important to ingrain a strong work ethic in employees.
6. The parents are trying to ingrain a sense of responsibility in their children.
7. We should all try to ingrain positive habits into our daily lives.
8. Through meditation, he aims to ingrain mindfulness and calm in his daily routine.
9. The boot camp aims to ingrain discipline and strength in its participants.
10. The dance instructor is hoping to ingrain grace and flexibility in her students.
11. By constant repetition, the athletes ingrain the movements into their muscle memory.
12. The company is making efforts to ingrain diversity and inclusion in its culture.
13. The new language program helps to ingrain the basics of the language through immersive learning.
14. Early education helps ingrain a love for learning in children.
15. Repetition can ingrain even the most complex skills.
16. Cultural traditions often ingrain values within a society.
17. Parents strive to ingrain good manners in their kids.
18. The military aims to ingrain discipline in recruits.
19. Experience can ingrain wisdom that books cannot teach.
20. Advertisers use catchy jingles to ingrain brand loyalty.
21. Childhood experiences can ingrain lasting memories.
22. Religious teachings seek to ingrain moral principles.
23. History books aim to ingrain a sense of the past.
24. The artist's work can ingrain emotions in the viewer.

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