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How to pronounce embed (audio)

Dictionary definition of embed

To firmly or securely fix or insert something within another substance or structure.
"The teacher wanted to embed the love of reading in her students."

Detailed meaning of embed

It involves the process of incorporating one object or element into another in such a way that it becomes an integral part of it. When something is embedded, it is deeply and firmly set within a surrounding material or context, often with the intention of providing support, strength, or stability. This process is commonly observed in various fields, such as technology, where data or objects are integrated into computer programs or systems, or in construction, where reinforcing materials are embedded within concrete to enhance its structural integrity. Embedding can also be seen in communication, where images, videos, or links are inserted within web pages or documents to enhance their content. It involves the act of integrating or immersing one element into another, creating a unified whole.

Example sentences containing embed

1. She plans to embed a video in her presentation to make it more engaging.
2. The new software allows users to easily embed fonts into documents.
3. I will embed the map on my website for easy access.
4. The company decided to embed a QR code on the product packaging.
5. The journalist tried to embed with the troops to report from the front lines.
6. Let's embed a hyperlink to the source for easy reference.

History and etymology of embed

The verb 'embed' has its etymological roots in the Old English word 'imbētan,' which means 'to make firm' or 'to fix in.' This term is a combination of 'in,' indicating 'into,' and 'bētan,' meaning 'to make better' or 'to improve.' Over time, 'imbētan' evolved into the Middle English word 'embedden,' maintaining its sense of firmly fixing or inserting something into another substance or structure to enhance its stability or integration. In modern English, 'embed' is used to describe the act of securely and integrally placing something within a larger context, such as embedding a video in a webpage or embedding ideas within a broader narrative. The term 'embed' underscores the idea of ensuring that the inserted element becomes an integral and stable part of the whole, reflecting its historical roots in making something better or firmer.

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Further usage examples of embed

1. The artist will embed the gemstones into the pendant.
2. We can embed the video directly into the webpage.
3. The archaeologist discovered a fossil embedded in the rock.
4. The technician will embed the microchip into the circuit board.
5. The writer will embed the quote within the paragraph.
6. The surgeon will embed the titanium plate into the patient's skull.
7. The designer plans to embed a secret message in the logo.
8. The programmer will embed the code snippet into the software.
9. The teacher will embed multimedia elements into the presentation.
10. The photographer will embed metadata in the digital image.
11. The engineer will embed reinforcement bars in the concrete structure.
12. The jeweler will embed the birthstone into the ring.
13. The carpenter will embed the screws in the wooden frame.
14. The hacker attempted to embed malware in the website.
15. The scientist will embed the specimen in a resin block for examination.
16. The manufacturer will embed the tracking device in the product.
17. The chef will embed the herbs and spices into the roast.
18. The decorator will embed the beads into the fabric for added detail.
19. The musician will embed a hidden message in the song lyrics.
20. The technician will embed the sensors into the robotic arm.



implant, extract, remove, dislodge


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