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How to pronounce intercede (audio)

Dictionary definition of intercede

To intervene on behalf of someone else in order to try and resolve a conflict or dispute.
"The diplomat has been trying to intercede in the conflict between the two countries."

Detailed meaning of intercede

It is often used when a third party attempts to facilitate communication between two conflicting parties in order to find a mutually agreeable solution. For example, a mediator may intercede between two parties who are in a legal dispute in order to try and reach a settlement. Alternatively, a friend may intercede between two people who are having an argument in order to try and help them find common ground. The term intercede implies a sense of goodwill and a desire to help bring about a positive outcome.

Example sentences containing intercede

1. She decided to intercede on behalf of her friend who was being unfairly treated.
2. The teacher had to intercede between two students who were arguing in class.
3. The government has agreed to intercede in the peace negotiations between the two countries.
4. He was grateful to his colleague who interceded on his behalf during the performance review.
5. The lawyer offered to intercede between the two parties in order to resolve the dispute.
6. The pastor regularly intercedes in prayer for members of his congregation.

History and etymology of intercede

The verb 'intercede' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'intercedere,' which is a combination of 'inter' (between) and 'cedere' (to go). 'Intercedere' originally meant to go between or to intervene in a situation. Over time, this term was adopted into English as 'intercede,' retaining its core meaning of acting as an intermediary or mediator to intervene on behalf of someone else in order to try and resolve a conflict or dispute. The etymology of 'intercede' underscores the idea of stepping in between conflicting parties to facilitate communication and seek a peaceful resolution, emphasizing the role of a neutral third party in mediating disputes and promoting harmony.

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Further usage examples of intercede

1. The coach had to intercede to break up a fight between two players on the team.
2. The mediator successfully interceded between the two sides and helped them reach a settlement.
3. The parent had to intercede with the school administration to get their child's needs met.
4. The CEO decided to intercede and personally resolve a customer's complaint.
5. The police officer had to intercede to prevent a fight from breaking out in a crowded area.
6. She'll intercede for them to reconcile their differences.
7. He's ready to intercede to mend their broken friendship.
8. They're willing to intercede, bridging gaps in negotiations.
9. The mediator should intercede to find a fair resolution.
10. She can intercede for those who need help resolving conflicts.
11. He must intercede if tensions escalate further.
12. They plan to intercede and restore harmony.
13. The diplomat may intercede to prevent a diplomatic crisis.
14. She intends to intercede, fostering peace among rivals.
15. He's prepared to intercede to prevent further misunderstandings.
16. They should intercede for the employee facing discrimination.
17. The counselor will intercede, facilitating conflict resolution.
18. She might intercede, ensuring everyone's perspective is heard.
19. He's determined to intercede, advocating for marginalized groups.
20. They could intercede to mediate the ongoing land dispute.
21. The lawyer may intercede in the legal battle.
22. She'll intercede passionately, urging compromise and tranquility.
23. He's ready to intercede to avert a looming crisis.
24. They're committed to intercede, protecting the vulnerable.
25. The teacher should intercede to address the issue of bullying.
26. She's eager to intercede for unity among the factions.
27. He's set to intercede and heal the fractured community.
28. They're ready to intercede, diffusing tensions within the group.
29. The activist can intercede for the cause of human rights.
30. She's resolved to intercede and find a solution for the neighborhood dispute.



mediate, ignore, neglect, overlook


Prefix inter-, Advocacy and Support, Aid and Assistance, Diplomacy and Displacement

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