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How to pronounce arbitrate (audio)

Dictionary definition of arbitrate

To act as an impartial judge in a dispute, making a binding decision to resolve the dispute.
"They agreed to bring in a neutral third party to arbitrate their disagreement."

Detailed meaning of arbitrate

The verb "arbitrate" means It implies the act of making a judgement on a dispute, and the decision made is legally binding. The term is often used in the context of legal disputes, where an arbitrator, a neutral third party, is appointed to evaluate the evidence and arguments of both sides and make a decision. Arbitration is often used as an alternative to court litigation as it can be faster and less formal than a court case. It can also be used in other contexts such as in labor disputes, commercial disputes and disputes between countries. In general, when something is described as being arbitrated, it implies the act of making a judgement on a dispute, and the decision made is legally binding and refers to the act of acting as an impartial judge in a dispute, making a binding decision to resolve it.

Example sentences of arbitrate

1. The mediator will arbitrate the dispute between the two parties.
2. The judge was asked to arbitrate the legal dispute between the two companies.
3. The council appointed a committee to arbitrate the neighborhood conflict.
4. The union and the management reached an agreement after the arbitrator helped arbitrate the labor dispute.
5. The family decided to seek a professional to arbitrate their inheritance conflict.
6. The board of directors asked an expert in the field to arbitrate the decision-making process.

History and etymology of arbitrate

The verb 'arbitrate' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'arbitrari,' which means 'to be a witness' or 'to judge.' In ancient Rome, an 'arbiter' was a person chosen to act as a witness or referee in legal disputes. The term 'arbiter' later evolved into 'arbitratus' in Latin, which meant 'to give judgment' or 'to decide.' This Latin influence gave rise to the English word 'arbitrate' in the late 16th century, carrying with it the notion of serving as an impartial judge in a dispute, with the authority to make a binding decision and bring about resolution. Thus, the etymology of 'arbitrate' reflects its role in settling conflicts by invoking its historical roots in judgment and impartiality.

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Further usage examples of arbitrate

1. The government appointed a special commission to arbitrate the land dispute.
2. The coach had to arbitrate a heated argument between two players on the team.
3. The international organization was called upon to arbitrate the territorial dispute between the neighboring countries.
4. The professional organization has established guidelines to arbitrate ethical concerns.
5. The school principal was asked to arbitrate the disagreement between the students.
6. The judge will arbitrate the custody dispute between the divorced parents.
7. The elected representatives will meet to arbitrate the conflicting interests of different communities.
8. The labor union requested a renowned mediator to arbitrate their contract negotiations.
9. The ombudsman is responsible for arbitrating complaints from the public against government agencies.
10. The company hired an external firm to arbitrate conflicts between employees.
11. The arbitration board will convene to arbitrate the employment dispute.
12. The international treaty established a mechanism to arbitrate disputes between member countries.
13. The association of homeowners has a committee that can arbitrate conflicts among residents.
14. The experienced lawyer agreed to arbitrate the complex legal dispute.
15. The union and management sought a neutral party to arbitrate their labor disagreement.
16. It's essential to have a fair mediator to arbitrate family conflicts.
17. The international organization will arbitrate the trade dispute between the two nations.
18. The court appointed a skilled judge to arbitrate the contract dispute.
19. They decided to hire an expert mediator to arbitrate their business partnership issues.
20. The homeowners association brought in a third party to arbitrate neighbor disputes.
21. To avoid a lengthy court battle, they agreed to have someone arbitrate their disagreement.
22. The UN was called upon to arbitrate the border dispute between the countries.
23. A professional mediator was selected to arbitrate the disagreement over the will.
24. They're hoping that a neutral party can arbitrate the custody battle and reach a fair decision.


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