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inebriate, sober up, detoxify, clear


High School 8, Middle School 1, Degenerate and Deplorable



How to pronounce intoxicate (audio)


Dictionary definition of intoxicate

To affect someone's mind or behavior by making them drunk or under the influence of a drug.
"The allure of power can intoxicate even the most humble individuals."

Detailed meaning of intoxicate

It implies the state of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that one's mental or physical abilities are impaired. The effects of being intoxicated can vary depending on the type and amount of substance consumed, but generally include changes in mood, behavior, judgment, and cognitive abilities. Intoxication can be dangerous and can lead to accidents, injuries, or other negative consequences. It is also illegal to operate a vehicle or other machinery while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In general, when someone is described as being intoxicated, it implies that they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that their mental or physical abilities are impaired, and it can be dangerous or illegal.

Example sentences containing intoxicate

1. The potent cocktail seemed to intoxicate her within minutes, making her giddy.
2. His laughter and slurred words indicated that the alcohol had begun to intoxicate him.
3. The wild party atmosphere threatened to intoxicate everyone in attendance.
4. The sweet aroma of the wine seemed to intoxicate the entire room.
5. The music and flashing lights had the power to intoxicate even the most reserved.
6. The group decided to indulge in a few drinks to intoxicate their spirits.

History and etymology of intoxicate

The verb 'intoxicate' has a fascinating etymology rooted in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'intoxicatus,' which is the past participle of 'intoxicāre.' 'Intoxicāre' is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'toxicum,' meaning 'poison.' Thus, 'intoxicate' originally meant 'to poison,' specifically referring to the act of introducing a toxic substance into someone's body. Over time, the word's meaning shifted to describe the effects of alcohol or other intoxicating substances on the mind and behavior. This evolution in meaning reflects the idea that such substances can have a profound and often altered impact on one's mental state, akin to the effects of poisoning, as indicated by its etymological roots.

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Further usage examples of intoxicate

1. The night air was filled with the scent of blooming flowers, enough to intoxicate the senses.
2. The allure of the forbidden substance had the potential to intoxicate the curious.
3. She tried to resist, but the addictive rhythm of the music seemed to intoxicate her soul.
4. The celebration's energy and excitement had the power to intoxicate anyone who joined.
5. The tropical paradise had a way of intoxicating visitors with its beauty and serenity.
6. The aromas from the kitchen intoxicate everyone who enters.
7. Can memories truly intoxicate the mind like a potent wine?
8. The beauty of the performance was enough to intoxicate the audience.
9. Powerful stories often intoxicate readers, pulling them into new worlds.
10. The sounds of nature can intoxicate a weary soul.
11. Some say that absolute freedom can intoxicate, leading one to reckless behavior.
12. Let not the flattery of others intoxicate your judgment.
13. The mysterious melodies of the flute intoxicate listeners from afar.
14. Opulent surroundings can intoxicate, making one forget their roots.
15. The sights and sounds of a bustling city can intoxicate newcomers.
16. Her laughter has the power to intoxicate those around her.
17. Beware of ideologies that intoxicate more than they enlighten.
18. Exotic spices in the market intoxicate the senses with their potent aromas.
19. His tales of adventure never fail to intoxicate his listeners.
20. The thrill of discovery can intoxicate a passionate researcher.
21. Profound moments of realization intoxicate the mind, offering newfound clarity.
22. Let the mysteries of the universe intoxicate your imagination.
23. Certain books intoxicate, making readers lose track of time and place.
24. While many seek to intoxicate themselves with substances, others find intoxication in pure emotion and experience.

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