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How to pronounce invasive (audio)


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Dictionary definition of invasive

Intruding or spreading into a space or environment where it is not wanted or where it causes harm or disruption.
"The invasive plant species is spreading rapidly and disrupting the local ecosystem."


Detailed meaning of invasive

Invasive species, for example, are non-native plants or animals that are introduced into an ecosystem and quickly begin to spread and displace native species. Similarly, invasive medical procedures are those that involve penetrating the body or introducing foreign objects or substances that can cause damage or complications. Invasive behavior or communication can also refer to actions or words that are intrusive, unwanted, or disrespectful of another person's boundaries or privacy. Overall, the term "invasive" suggests an unwelcome or disruptive presence that has the potential to cause harm or upset.

Example sentences containing invasive

1. The invasive species threaten the balance of our local ecosystems.
2. Doctors often use invasive procedures to determine the root cause of a patient's condition.
3. Her invasive questions made me feel uncomfortable at the dinner.
4. Invasive techniques in surgery can lead to longer recovery times.
5. Invasive plants have started to overtake the indigenous flora.
6. The invasive tactics of the telemarketers led to numerous complaints.

History and etymology of invasive

The adjective 'invasive' has its origins in the Latin word 'invadere,' which is a combination of 'in-' (meaning 'into') and 'vadere' (meaning 'to go' or 'to walk'). In Latin, 'invadere' meant 'to go into' or 'to enter forcefully.' Over time, as it transitioned into English, 'invasive' retained this fundamental sense of intruding or spreading into a space or environment where it is not wanted or where it causes harm or disruption. Its etymology reflects the idea of something encroaching upon or forcefully entering a territory or area where it does not belong, making it a fitting term for describing the behavior of certain species, processes, or actions that disrupt or harm their surroundings.

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Further usage examples of invasive

1. There's an invasive weed choking out my garden flowers.
2. His invasive personality often got him in trouble at social events.
3. The city introduced goats to control the invasive ivy population.
4. The malware was highly invasive, embedding itself deep within the computer system.
5. The king's invasive policies were not popular among the people.
6. Doctors recommended less invasive treatment options for her condition.
7. The invasive vine had completely covered the old stone wall.
8. Environmentalists are concerned about the impact of invasive insects on native plant life.
9. Invasive surveillance techniques have been a topic of heated debate.
10. Modern medicine is gradually moving towards less invasive procedures.
11. The invasive procedure was necessary to remove the tumor.
12. Due to the invasive lionfish, the reef's native species are dying out.
13. He found her constant prying and invasive comments unbearable.
14. The invasive research methods caused controversy within the scientific community.



intrusive, welcome, respectful, unobtrusive


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