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How to pronounce irresponsible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of irresponsible

Lacking a sense of duty, accountability, or consideration for the consequences of one's actions.
"It is irresponsible to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs."


Detailed meaning of irresponsible

It suggests a disregard for obligations, commitments, or social norms, often resulting in negative outcomes or harm to oneself or others. An irresponsible individual may act impulsively, without considering the potential risks or implications of their choices. This adjective is commonly associated with behaviors such as neglecting responsibilities, failing to fulfill obligations, engaging in reckless actions, or showing a lack of concern for the welfare of others. Irresponsible behavior is generally seen as immature, unreliable, or careless, as it tends to undermine trust, stability, and the overall well-being of individuals or communities.

Example sentences containing irresponsible

1. Leaving the campfire unattended was an irresponsible act that could have led to a forest fire.
2. The company faced severe consequences due to its irresponsible handling of customer data.
3. Being late for work every day shows an irresponsible attitude towards professional commitments.
4. It is highly irresponsible to ignore safety protocols in a laboratory setting.
5. The politician's irresponsible remarks sparked controversy and public outrage.
6. Neglecting to pay bills on time is an irresponsible financial habit.

History and etymology of irresponsible

The adjective 'irresponsible' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'responsus,' which means 'answered' or 'accountable.' The prefix 'ir-' in English serves as a negation, indicating the absence or opposite of a particular quality. Therefore, when we combine 'ir-' with 'responsus,' we create 'irresponsus,' which eventually evolved into the modern English word 'irresponsible.' This etymology highlights the notion of lacking accountability or failing to answer for one's actions, precisely capturing the essence of the word's meaning, which is to act without a sense of duty, accountability, or consideration for the consequences of one's actions.

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Further usage examples of irresponsible

1. Allowing a child to handle dangerous objects is incredibly irresponsible parenting.
2. Dumping toxic waste into rivers is an irresponsible act that harms the environment.
3. Sharing sensitive personal information online without proper security measures is an irresponsible behavior.
4. The employee's irresponsible behavior resulted in the loss of a major client.
5. Skipping important meetings without valid reasons is considered irresponsible within a professional setting.
6. His irresponsible behavior at work led to a major project delay.
7. Parking in a no-parking zone is an irresponsible choice.
8. It's irresponsible to neglect your financial responsibilities.
9. Texting while driving is not just dangerous but also irresponsible.
10. Leaving the campfire unattended is an act of sheer irresponsibility.
11. Ignoring safety guidelines is an irresponsible way to operate machinery.
12. Refusing to wear a seatbelt is an irresponsible disregard for safety.
13. An irresponsible attitude can harm relationships and friendships.
14. Dumping trash in the park is an act of blatant irresponsibility.
15. Neglecting to pay your bills on time is financially irresponsible.
16. Voting without researching candidates is an irresponsible choice.
17. Skipping school without a valid reason is an irresponsible act.
18. Running a red light is not only illegal but also irresponsible.
19. Failing to secure your valuables is an irresponsible oversight.
20. Not fulfilling your commitments is highly irresponsible behavior.
21. Buying a pet without considering the responsibilities is irresponsible.
22. Promoting false information is an irresponsible use of social media.
23. Speeding through a school zone is incredibly irresponsible.
24. Disregarding environmental conservation efforts is irresponsible.
25. Engaging in reckless behavior is the epitome of irresponsibility.



careless, responsible, accountable, reliable


Prefix ir-, Suffix -ible, ACT 7 (American College Testing), High School 12, Problematic and Annoying

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