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How to pronounce reckless (audio)


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Dictionary definition of reckless

Characterized by a lack of caution, concern, or regard for the potential consequences of one's actions.
"Her reckless spending left her buried in debt."

Detailed meaning of reckless

It denotes a tendency to act impulsively or without considering the potential risks or dangers involved. Reckless behavior often involves a disregard for rules, norms, or established guidelines, as well as a disregard for the safety and well-being of oneself and others. It implies acting without thought or consideration, often driven by a desire for immediate gratification or a sense of thrill. Reckless individuals may engage in actions that are hasty, careless, or irresponsible, potentially leading to negative outcomes or harmful consequences. The term "reckless" carries a connotation of heedlessness and a lack of foresight, highlighting the importance of prudence and thoughtful decision-making in contrast to such impulsive behavior.

Example sentences containing reckless

1. His reckless driving led to a severe accident.
2. The skateboarder's reckless stunts were dangerous but captivating.
3. The manager made a reckless decision that cost the company millions.
4. The hiker's reckless attempt to climb the mountain without proper gear nearly cost him his life.
5. The soldier was reprimanded for his reckless behavior during the training exercise.
6. The scientist's reckless experimentation led to an unexpected breakthrough.

History and etymology of reckless

The adjective 'reckless' has its origins in Middle English, where it was initially used as 'reckeles.' It can be traced back to the Old English word 'receleas,' which is a combination of 're-' meaning 'without' or 'lacking' and 'celeas' meaning 'care' or 'concern.' Therefore, etymologically, 'reckless' signifies a state of being without care or concern. It aptly describes someone or something characterized by a lack of caution, mindfulness, or regard for the potential consequences of their actions. The etymology emphasizes the absence of careful consideration or attention to potential dangers, making it a fitting term to describe behavior that is heedless and impulsive.

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Further usage examples of reckless

1. The child’s reckless play with firecrackers alarmed the neighbors.
2. His reckless disregard for the rules made him unpopular with his peers.
3. The explorer’s reckless journey into uncharted territory was filled with peril.
4. The coach's reckless strategy backfired and cost them the game.
5. She was known for her reckless ambition, which often got her into trouble.
6. The politician's reckless comments created a media firestorm.
7. His reckless love for adventure often led him to exotic places.
8. The dog’s reckless chase after the squirrel took him far from home.
9. His reckless driving endangered everyone on the road.
10. She embarked on a reckless adventure without a plan.
11. The reckless decision cost him his job.
12. The reckless behavior of teenagers can be concerning.
13. They accused him of reckless disregard for safety.
14. Her reckless spending left her in financial ruin.
15. Reckless actions often lead to regret.
16. The politician made a reckless statement during the debate.
17. The reckless stuntman performed daring feats without safety gear.
18. Reckless gambling can lead to severe financial losses.
19. Reckless abandon in relationships can hurt others deeply.
20. His reckless disregard for rules got him into trouble.
21. The company faced a lawsuit due to reckless negligence.
22. Reckless enthusiasm can sometimes lead to disappointment.
23. She was known for her reckless attitude towards deadlines.
24. The reckless hiker ventured into the wilderness unprepared.
25. Reckless behavior at parties can result in accidents.
26. He showed a reckless disregard for the environment.
27. Reckless optimism can blind one to potential challenges.
28. The reckless cyclist ignored traffic signals and caused an accident.



careless, cautious, careful, prudent


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