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How to pronounce iteration (audio)

Dictionary definition of iteration

The repetition of a process or the execution of a set of instructions a specified number of times or until a certain condition is met.
"The latest iteration of the software includes several new features and enhancements."

Detailed meaning of iteration

It is a fundamental concept in computer science and mathematics, and it is used in many different areas such as programming, algorithm design, and data analysis. An iteration can be done using a loop, a structure that allows a set of instructions to be executed repeatedly. The number of iterations can be set in advance, or it can be determined by a specific condition, such as when a certain value is reached or when a specific event occurs. For example, in a program, an iteration can be used to process a list of items, one at a time, until all items have been processed. In mathematics, iteration can refer to the process of applying a function repeatedly to a value, such as in the case of calculating mathematical sequences. Iteration is a powerful tool that allows for efficient and accurate processing of large amounts of data and for solving complex problems.

Example sentences containing iteration

1. The latest iteration surprised everyone.
2. This iteration proves more efficient than the last.
3. We need another iteration to perfect the design.
4. The software's current iteration has fewer bugs.
5. My initial idea was refined in the third iteration.
6. The feedback from the first iteration was invaluable.

History and etymology of iteration

The noun 'iteration' derives from the Latin word 'iteratio,' which is formed from 'iterare,' meaning 'to repeat' or 'to do again.' This Latin root, 'iter,' relates to the concept of 'journey' or 'path.' Therefore, the etymology of 'iteration' carries the idea of repeating a process or following a particular path again and again. In the context of programming, mathematics, or problem-solving, an iteration involves the repetition of a sequence of instructions, often until a specific condition is met or a desired result is achieved. The term retains its original sense of repetition and reiteration, emphasizing the cyclic and systematic nature of the process it describes.

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Further usage examples of iteration

1. Every iteration brings us closer to the goal.
2. The client wasn't satisfied with the previous iteration.
3. The iteration process can sometimes be tedious.
4. Each iteration reveals something we hadn't considered.
5. The team celebrated the release of the new iteration.
6. We documented all changes made in this iteration.
7. The iteration cycle continues until we reach perfection.
8. I appreciate the improvements in the recent iteration.
9. The initial design was miles away from the current iteration.
10. The team will review the comments before the next iteration.
11. Testing this iteration will provide insights for development.
12. She was responsible for the artistic elements in the latest iteration.
13. The project's fifth iteration was the most challenging yet.
14. We strive for excellence with each new iteration.



repetition, cessation, halt, stoppage

GRE 13 (Graduate Record Examination), TOEFL 9, Continuation and Perseverance, Organization and Coordination

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