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How to pronounce jovial (audio)

Dictionary definition of jovial

Characterized by cheerfulness, high spirits, and a warm, friendly, and hearty sense of humor.
"The jovial atmosphere at the party made it difficult for anyone to leave."

Detailed meaning of jovial

When someone is described as jovial, it means they exude a contagious sense of joy and positivity, often making those around them feel uplifted and happy. Jovial individuals are typically approachable, sociable, and enjoy engaging in lighthearted banter or laughter. This term conveys a sense of celebration and festivity, suggesting a state of merriment and good-naturedness that can brighten any social gathering or interaction. Joviality is associated with a zest for life and an ability to find joy in even the simplest of pleasures, making it a highly valued and cherished quality in human interactions.

Example sentences containing jovial

1. It was the weekend and she was in a jovial mood.
2. The jovial grandfather loved nothing more than making his grandkids laugh with silly faces and jokes.
3. He always greeted his staff in a jovial manner.
4. Judging by his jovial manner his romantic dinner must have gone well.
5. The jovial host greeted guests with a big smile and a warm handshake.
6. The jovial old man told humorous stories and jokes that had everyone laughing.

History and etymology of jovial

The adjective 'jovial' owes its etymology to the Roman god Jupiter, known as Jove in Latin. Jupiter was considered the king of the Roman gods, associated with the sky, thunder, and light. He was often depicted as a benevolent and cheerful deity, which led to the development of the Latin word 'jovialis,' meaning 'pertaining to Jupiter' or 'Jove-like.' Over time, this term evolved into 'jovial' in English, signifying a cheerful, good-natured, and hearty disposition. The connection to Jupiter's jovial nature highlights the warm and friendly sense of humor and high spirits associated with this adjective, making it a fitting descriptor for those who exhibit a jovial demeanor.

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Further usage examples of jovial

1. Despite the stressful situation, the jovial team leader managed to keep everyone's spirits up.
2. The jovial bartender was always ready with a friendly joke or a kind word.
3. He was a jovial fellow with a big round belly and a hearty laugh.
4. The jovial atmosphere at the restaurant made it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.
5. The jovial hostess welcomed guests with a cheerful smile and a warm welcome.
6. The jovial coach was known for his positive attitude and ability to bring out the best in his players.
7. The jovial crowd was filled with laughter and good cheer as they watched the comedy show.
8. The jovial salesman had a friendly and outgoing personality that put customers at ease.
9. The jovial friend was always ready with a joke or a kind word to lift someone's spirits.
10. His jovial laughter filled the room and lifted everyone's spirits.
11. The family reunion was a jovial gathering filled with laughter and love.
12. She had a jovial personality that made her the life of the party.
13. The jovial atmosphere at the holiday dinner was infectious.
14. Despite the rainy day, their picnic was filled with jovial chatter.
15. The jovial host welcomed guests with a hearty handshake and a smile.
16. The comedian's jokes had the audience in fits of jovial laughter.
17. The jovial bartender knew how to make everyone feel welcome.
18. The jovial banter between friends added to the festive mood.
19. The jovial couple celebrated their anniversary with a dance.
20. His jovial nature made him a beloved figure in the community.
21. The jovial crowd at the concert sang along with the band.
22. Their jovial conversation over dinner made for a delightful evening.
23. The jovial spirit of the festival was contagious, and everyone joined in the fun.
24. Even in challenging times, his jovial disposition remained unwavering.



cheerful, morose, sullen, gloomy


Enjoyment and Indulgence, Middle School 14, Joy and Playfulness

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