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How to pronounce exuberant (audio)


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Dictionary definition of exuberant

Overflowing enthusiasm, energy, or joy that is often marked by unrestrained expression and exultation.
"The exuberant crowd cheered wildly as the band took the stage."

Detailed meaning of exuberant

When we characterize someone or something as exuberant, we emphasize a high-spirited and vibrant level of excitement, happiness, or liveliness. Exuberant individuals are typically full of exuberance, radiating infectious enthusiasm and boundless positivity. This term conveys a sense of effervescence and a zest for life, suggesting that the person or thing is brimming with vitality and unrestrained cheerfulness. Whether it's an exuberant celebration, an exuberant personality, or an exuberant burst of creativity, this adjective highlights the sheer exuberance and uncontainable exultation associated with the subject.

Example sentences containing exuberant

1. The exuberant crowd erupted in cheers, celebrating their team's victory.
2. Her exuberant laughter echoed through the house, a sound of pure joy.
3. The exuberant children played in the park, their energy boundless.
4. His exuberant speech inspired the audience with its passion and zeal.
5. The exuberant puppy wagged its tail and leaped with unrestrained joy.
6. Their exuberant dance performance dazzled the audience with its artistry.

History and etymology of exuberant

The adjective 'exuberant' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'exuberans,' which is the present participle of 'exuberare,' meaning 'to overflow' or 'to be abundant.' 'Exuberant' describes a state of overflowing enthusiasm, energy, or joy that is often marked by unrestrained expression and exultation. It implies an abundance of positive emotions and a vibrant, exuberant spirit. When someone or something is described as exuberant, it suggests a lively and effusive demeanor, characterized by an excess of vitality and exultant expression. Therefore, the etymology of 'exuberant' reflects its historical connection to the concept of overflowing abundance, underscoring its role in describing a state of exuberant enthusiasm and unrestrained joy, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of exuberant

1. The exuberant colors of the sunset painted the sky in a breathtaking display.
2. She had an exuberant personality that drew people to her like a magnet.
3. The exuberant celebration continued late into the night, full of music and laughter.
4. His exuberant creativity knew no bounds, producing one masterpiece after another.
5. The exuberant festival was a vibrant tapestry of music, food, and culture.
6. The exuberant cheers of the fans resonated throughout the stadium, a deafening roar.
7. The exuberant garden bloomed with a riot of vibrant flowers, a kaleidoscope of hues.
8. The exuberant expression of their love was evident in every glance and touch.
9. Their exuberant teamwork transformed a challenging project into a resounding success.
10. The exuberant rain showered the parched earth, bringing life and renewal.
11. The exuberant welcome from the locals made them feel like long-lost friends.
12. His exuberant optimism was a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty.
13. The exuberant carnival rides thrilled visitors of all ages, from the young to the young at heart.
14. The exuberant choir's voices soared in perfect harmony, filling the hall with sublime music.
15. Her exuberant energy on the dance floor was contagious, getting everyone moving.
16. The exuberant applause at the end of the play was well-deserved, a testament to the actors' talent.
17. The exuberant laughter of friends around the campfire echoed in the tranquil forest.
18. Their exuberant determination led them to conquer the highest peak, a triumph of willpower.
19. The exuberant joy of their long-awaited reunion was palpable, bringing tears of happiness.
20. The exuberant parade marched through the streets, a vibrant display of community spirit.
21. His exuberant storytelling captivated the children's imaginations, transporting them to magical worlds.
22. The exuberant scent of freshly baked bread wafted from the bakery, a tempting invitation.
23. The exuberant waves crashed on the shore, creating a soothing rhythm that lulled beachgoers.
24. The exuberant spirit of the holiday season infused the air with warmth and goodwill, spreading smiles far and wide.



lively, listless, lethargic, subdued


Suffix -ant, Abundance and Excess, Vitality and Vigor, Excitement and Enthusiasm

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