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How to pronounce keynote (audio)


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Dictionary definition of keynote

The primary or central speech or presentation delivered at a gathering, conference, or event.
"The keynote speaker delivered a powerful speech that left the audience inspired."

Detailed meaning of keynote

It serves as the main address, typically given by a notable figure or expert in a particular field. The purpose of a keynote is to set the tone, provide a framework, or offer a significant message that captures the essence and theme of the event. Keynotes are often intended to inspire, motivate, or educate the audience, delivering key insights, perspectives, or innovative ideas. They serve as a focal point, drawing the attention of attendees and setting the direction for subsequent discussions, workshops, or sessions. A successful keynote engages the audience, generates enthusiasm, and leaves a lasting impact by conveying a compelling narrative or conveying an important vision. It serves as a catalyst for discussion, sparking further exploration of the event's subject matter and stimulating thought-provoking conversations among participants. Ultimately, a keynote acts as a guiding force, shaping the overall experience and ensuring that the event achieves its intended purpose.

Example sentences containing keynote

1. The conference opened with an engaging keynote address on technological advancements.
2. The keynote presentation set the stage for the day's discussions and workshops.
3. Attendees eagerly awaited the keynote to gain valuable insights from the industry expert.
4. The keynote emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in today's business landscape.
5. The conference organizers carefully selected a renowned expert as the keynote speaker.
6. The keynote talk focused on emerging trends and future prospects in the field of artificial intelligence.

History and etymology of keynote

The term 'keynote' derives its origins from the musical world. The word 'key' comes from the Old English word 'cǣg,' which referred to a musical tone or pitch. This concept was further developed in Middle English, where 'key' took on the meaning of a scale or set of musical notes. The word 'note' in 'keynote' is closely linked to its musical usage, signifying a single sound or tone. When combined, 'keynote' metaphorically alludes to the central or fundamental note in a musical composition, which sets the tone for the entire piece. Over time, this musical metaphor evolved to describe the primary or central speech or presentation delivered at gatherings, conferences, or events, emphasizing its pivotal role in setting the thematic tone for the occasion.

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Further usage examples of keynote

1. The keynote speaker captivated the audience with personal anecdotes and thought-provoking ideas.
2. The keynote address challenged conventional thinking and encouraged participants to push boundaries.
3. The keynote session concluded with a lively Q&A session, allowing attendees to engage with the speaker.
4. The keynote speech highlighted the significance of diversity and inclusion in creating a thriving workplace.
5. The keynote presentation served as a call to action, urging attendees to make a positive impact in their communities.
6. The keynote speaker shared practical strategies and success stories to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.
7. The keynote lecture provided a comprehensive overview of the latest research findings in the field of medicine.
8. The keynote address shed light on the environmental challenges and the need for sustainable solutions.
9. The keynote talk underscored the importance of lifelong learning and personal development.
10. The keynote speaker's charisma and expertise made the session a memorable experience for everyone.
11. The keynote presentation offered valuable insights into effective leadership and team management.
12. The audience applauded enthusiastically at the end of the inspiring keynote speech.
13. The keynote session served as a catalyst for networking and fostering new connections among professionals.
14. The keynote address set the tone for the conference's themes.
15. The CEO delivered a compelling keynote on company strategy.
16. Her keynote speech captivated the audience from start to finish.
17. The keynote speaker's insights left a lasting impression.
18. The annual convention's keynote presentation drew a large crowd.
19. The political leader's keynote outlined their vision for the future.
20. Attendees eagerly awaited the opening keynote's revelations.
21. The scientist's keynote shed light on groundbreaking research.
22. The technology conference's keynote explored AI's potential.
23. The educational summit's keynote emphasized innovation in teaching.
24. The musical artist's keynote performance electrified the crowd.



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