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How to pronounce oration (audio)

Dictionary definition of oration

A formal and carefully prepared speech that is delivered to an audience on a significant or ceremonial occasion.
"The speaker's oration was met with a standing ovation from the audience."

Detailed meaning of oration

An oration is usually given with a specific purpose in mind, such as to persuade, inspire, or commemorate. It is typically a polished and eloquent presentation that makes use of persuasive language and rhetoric. Orations can be delivered by politicians, academics, religious leaders, or other public figures, and they often require significant preparation and rehearsal. They are commonly given at events such as graduations, funerals, and political rallies, and are designed to move the audience emotionally or intellectually. Overall, the term 'oration' is used to describe a formal and carefully crafted speech that is delivered with a specific purpose and intended to make an impact on the audience.

Example sentences containing oration

1. The politician delivered a powerful oration that inspired the crowd.
2. His oration captivated the audience from beginning to end.
3. The commencement speaker's oration conveyed a message of hope and determination.
4. The oration at the memorial service brought tears to everyone's eyes.
5. The renowned orator delivered an eloquent oration on social justice.
6. The student's oration won first place in the public speaking competition.

History and etymology of oration

The noun 'oration' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'oratio,' which is derived from the verb 'orare,' meaning 'to speak' or 'to pray.' This Latin term 'oratio' was used to refer to the act of speaking in a formal and eloquent manner, often in the context of public speeches or religious rituals. It embodies the idea of speaking with reverence and careful consideration. As language and rhetoric played a significant role in ancient Roman society, the term 'oration' came to represent a carefully prepared and ceremonious speech delivered to an audience on important or ceremonial occasions, reflecting the rich tradition of persuasive and artful public speaking in classical antiquity.

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Further usage examples of oration

1. The oration delivered by the professor was filled with profound insights.
2. The president's inaugural oration outlined his vision for the nation.
3. The historical figure is known for his famous oration that sparked a revolution.
4. The oration given at the conference shed light on important scientific discoveries.
5. The oration commemorated the sacrifices made by our veterans.
6. The candidate's campaign trail included multiple orations addressing key issues.
7. The oration delivered by the religious leader provided solace to the grieving congregation.
8. The oration on cultural diversity emphasized the importance of inclusivity.
9. The oration at the fundraising event encouraged generous donations.
10. The oration given at the literary festival celebrated the power of storytelling.
11. The oration on environmental conservation raised awareness about urgent ecological issues.
12. The passionate oration called for social change and equality.
13. The renowned author delivered an inspiring oration at the book launch.
14. The oration given by the civil rights activist resonated with the crowd, igniting a spirit of activism.



speech, silence, mutter, whisper


Announcement and Declaration, Communication and Expression, Expression and Communication

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