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How to pronounce lackadaisical (audio)

Dictionary definition of lackadaisical

Characterized by a lack of enthusiasm, energy, or commitment towards tasks or responsibilities.
"His lackadaisical approach to work often resulted in missed deadlines."

Detailed meaning of lackadaisical

When someone is described as lackadaisical, it suggests a sense of indifference, laziness, or apathy in their approach to life's demands. Such individuals may appear careless or unconcerned, often showing little interest or initiative in completing tasks or achieving goals. It's as if they approach their duties with a nonchalant and careless demeanor, often leading to subpar results or delayed actions due to their lack of motivation or dedication. The term "lackadaisical" is often used to critique or highlight a lack of diligence and commitment in various contexts, such as work, school, or personal relationships.

Example sentences containing lackadaisical

1. The student's lackadaisical attitude towards studying led to poor grades.
2. The team's lackadaisical performance cost them the game.
3. Her lackadaisical response to the urgent matter showed a lack of commitment.
4. The manager's lackadaisical supervision resulted in a decline in productivity.
5. The employee's lackadaisical work ethic was evident in his sloppy performance.
6. The lackadaisical pace of the project frustrated everyone involved.

History and etymology of lackadaisical

The adjective 'lackadaisical' has an interesting and whimsical etymology. It is believed to be a playful and inventive word created by adding the suffix '-ical' to 'lackaday,' which is an archaic interjection used to express sorrow or regret. 'Lackaday' itself is a contraction of 'lack-a-day,' where 'lack' means loss or absence, and 'day' is used for emphasis. So, 'lackadaisical' essentially conveys a sense of 'lacking in vigor' or 'expressing regret or indifference.' When someone is described as 'lackadaisical,' it implies a lack of enthusiasm, energy, or commitment towards tasks or responsibilities, often with a sense of carelessness or indifference. The word's playful and imaginative construction reflects the lighthearted way it conveys a lack of diligence or dedication.

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Further usage examples of lackadaisical

1. The lackadaisical preparation for the presentation was apparent in their unorganized delivery.
2. The teacher's lackadaisical teaching style failed to engage the students.
3. The company's lackadaisical approach to customer service led to a decline in satisfaction.
4. His lackadaisical response to the crisis showed a lack of concern for others.
5. The lackadaisical effort put into the project reflected poorly on the team.
6. The lackadaisical maintenance of the facility resulted in deteriorating conditions.
7. The lackadaisical response from the authorities contributed to public frustration.
8. The lackadaisical attitude towards safety regulations posed a risk to employees.
9. The lackadaisical attitude of the players affected the team's overall performance.
10. Her lackadaisical approach to health and fitness had negative consequences on her well-being.
11. The lackadaisical approach to budgeting led to financial difficulties for the company.
12. The lackadaisical enforcement of rules allowed for a chaotic environment.
13. The lackadaisical response to customer complaints damaged the company's reputation.
14. Their lackadaisical approach to the project led to missed deadlines.
15. He gave a lackadaisical presentation, failing to engage the audience.
16. Her lackadaisical attitude towards chores frustrated her family.
17. The team's lackadaisical effort resulted in a disappointing outcome.
18. A lackadaisical response to the crisis worsened the situation.
19. The manager addressed their lackadaisical work ethic in a meeting.
20. His lackadaisical performance on the field disappointed the fans.
21. We need to overcome our lackadaisical mindset to succeed.
22. The teacher's lecture couldn't hold their lackadaisical attention.
23. The lackadaisical response from authorities angered the community.
24. To achieve success, we must replace our lackadaisical habits.



unenthusiastic, eager, enthusiastic, energetic


SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Apathy and Indifference, Lethargy and Hopelessness

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