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How to pronounce lethargic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of lethargic

Lacking vitality or enthusiasm, and suggesting a state of being slow-moving.
"The team's performance was lethargic and uninspiring."


Detailed meaning of lethargic

It can also be used to describe a person who is feeling weak or listless, or who lacks energy or motivation.

For example, a person who is feeling weak or listless due to an illness or exhaustion might be described as "lethargic." or a performance that is lacking liveliness or energy, can be described as "lethargic."

Lethargy is a symptom that can be caused by different factors such as medications, infections, chronic diseases, depression, stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition. As such, lethargic often implies an underlying medical condition or a more general state of unwellness.

Example sentences containing lethargic

1. After a long day of work, he felt lethargic and drained.
2. The heatwave made everyone feel lethargic and sluggish.
3. His lethargic pace during the marathon cost him a podium finish.
4. The illness left her feeling weak and lethargic.
5. The old computer was so slow that it made the entire system seem lethargic.
6. The cat's lethargic behavior indicated that it wasn't feeling well.

History and etymology of lethargic

The adjective 'lethargic' has its origins in the ancient Greek word 'lethargos,' which is a compound of 'leth-' (meaning 'forgetfulness' or 'oblivion') and '-argos' (indicating 'sluggish' or 'inactive'). This etymological construction aptly conveys the essence of 'lethargic' as lacking vitality or enthusiasm and suggesting a state of being slow-moving. Over time, the word traveled through Latin as 'lethargicus' before making its way into Middle English as 'lethargik.' The etymology of 'lethargic' thus reflects its underlying concept of forgetfulness, combined with a sense of sluggishness and inactivity, which characterizes this adjective's meaning.

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Further usage examples of lethargic

1. The hot and humid weather made the entire team feel lethargic.
2. He struggled to stay awake during the lethargic afternoon meeting.
3. The medication had a side effect of making her feel lethargic.
4. The lack of sleep made her feel lethargic and irritable.
5. The office was unusually quiet, and the employees seemed lethargic.
6. The dog's lethargic response to play concerned its owner.
7. The students' lethargic performance on the test surprised the teacher.
8. The rainy weather had a lethargic effect on his mood.
9. The car's engine sounded lethargic and needed a tune-up.
10. Her lethargic demeanor was a stark contrast to her usual energy.
11. The weight of the backpack made him feel lethargic on the hike.
12. The long flight left passengers feeling lethargic upon arrival.
13. A lack of exercise can lead to a lethargic lifestyle.
14. The medication helped alleviate his lethargic symptoms.
15. The athlete felt lethargic after a grueling training session.



sluggish, energetic, active, lively


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